The reason for Beta status

Ive been seeing a lot of people complain about a ton of things. I myself have even made a post about things that may help make the game more fair and fun overall. But in all honestly ive been loving the game. And while yes it does need some help it is still free. And I have faith in the changes that will be coming. But I digress. I wanted to explain the reason for the game coming out in beta.

When a game comes in out in beta, it allows the game to have changes made and update in real time when the developer puts them out. When a game claims “Full Release” status, the developers still work on updates and release them. The difference is, that once the game is fully launched, all updates and content have to go through a “Quality Control” process that can hold updates, balances, and patches back to a third partys call in order to release them. Therefore making the process much longer than what’s preferred by the fans. Its for these reasons that games like call of duty and battlefield take longer to release updates. Now im not making any kind of excuse for the developers out there, but I do understand the process.

honestly i have nothing wrong with it coming out as a beta… the issue i have is the current state of it. imagine if this released last year? people would be in even more of an up roar. but the only think i hope for, even if slightly, is that 343 listens and fixes this before the game releases in 2 weaks… but like that’l happen given the holidays and crunch time

I agree completely. The game does have issues. But Ive seen and read more posts “especially on here” of people just complaining about the game and the things wrong with it then adding any actual feedback that the team can use to fix these issues. And the ones that have, have been doing it correctly. Writing down the issues, and possible solutions that could be used to fix said issues. Personally I think the later is the best way to go about it overall. Personally I love the game like I said before. I love the game play and the different modes. Yes there are things that I would change, add, or overall remove. But I remind myself that this game not only came out early. But that its also free. Do these facts excuse whats wrong with it? Not at all. But I also know that fixes do take time. From the time ive take coding and trying to build my own game. I know how complicated it can be to fix one thing with the coding, just to have those fixes cause problems else where. Therefore taking time to code everything in such a way where everything can get fixed without making something else bad, or worse. Personally I just would like to see people give the developers some time to fix these things. Rather than complaining about everything constantly without giving any kind of actually constructive feedback. But then again this is the internet lol

but also… may i see you towards the past games for a moment? each game took 3 years or less, yet had a decent story and a decent multiplayer that people enjoy. 343i had almost twice the amount of time, only to give a pretty bad beta. like even if it’s free to play, the work accomplished buy a entire team of devs so far isn’t good. the progression system sucks and the sandbox, in my oppinion, ain’t ballanced
and i get development for a game is a utter pain… and crunch time is more than tiresome and almost killing the devs. but when devs of old made better games in less time… doesn’t that just set the standard high? also lotta good the beta will do in 2 weeks. the game may as well should have launched. can’t really change a whole lot between beta and launch in two weeks, especially with the holidays…
i also agree. whiles complaining does a lot… solutions to said problems are also needed. i think it’s the initial reactions most are having… myself included

As a live service game, it will perpetually always be in beta

your absolutely correct! And to push your point further. They made the older games in shorter amounts of time and with far less people then what they currently have. Im not disputing that any any form or faction. One point that could be brought up against this argument is that technology then wasnt anything like it is now. And yes im sure that has something to do with it. The Xbox Series consoles + Cloud tech + Platform PC is a huge series of platforms to build around. The fact remains that again like you said, they have had less time, to make games that have turned out better. And I could go on the rant that "oh now theres the battle pass and money and blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is that “and im hoping that age wise you can relate lol” Back in the day. We didnt have to worry about battle passes. Our biggest fear was having to worry about how to get our hands on the DLC. Times are much different in gaming then they used to be. But I still believe that while yes there are some major issues with this game. Things from small bugs, all the way to the downright borderline abusive battle pass. The fact remains that these things take time. I understand that. It seems like you do as well. Do I wish that they could be fixed sooner rather than later?! Without a doubt. But I dont have that power. But Im hoping that they can get these things dont quickly and on a positive note. Rather than the alternative of players getting to the point of grabbing their pitch forks and torches and making what can be an amazing experience lost in the wind of free to play games. But on our end as gamers. we need to learn how to provide proper feed back.

And on a quick side note. Thank you very much for actually having a good solid conversation about this with me. Im really enjoying talking to someone that has very solid points and isnt just screaming into their keyboard lol

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@Hot_Juicy_Pie thats a very real possibility. Hell Fortnite was in beta for two plus years. But What matters in my opinion is what they do and what changes they make in their time in the spotlight.

I don’t feel like this is a beta. Flights were beta’s because it was for testing purposes only. All this ‘beta’ is a an excuse to basically make an early access game so people can start spending sooner. It’s not as if this build has had 343i frequently asking for feedback and most people don’t put paywalls in a game in a beta that is meant to be a beta for proper testing. It’s clearly a full release for a live service model because live service models are never complete and are constantly on-going with endless crunch. If 343i are going to claim it’s a beta then they might as well call everything a beta until coop/forge turns up or for the next 10 years. :roll_eyes:

To ba fair, i wasnt debating on is this game was an actual beta. I was simply explaining why the game was classified as being in a beta state. And to de-bunk your statement on asking for feedback. They have actually stated many times both online as well as in video format that they want to hear our feedback. They even stated it a number of times in this most recent community playdate that they wanted our feedback. And to bring something else to light. During the flights, they had the shop up and running. Granted we were given credits and we didnt know how much everything was going to cost. But we did know that they were going to have a cash shop. Did we think that it was going to be pushed as hard as it is currently? No we didnt. But we all knew what to expect and that it was there. Now im not making any excuses for 343, but again. The game has been live and playable for just over a week. We need to see what they intend to do with our feedback and how fast they do it. Hell within the first few days they changed the battle pass and EXP progression. Is it great?! No, but its a sign that they are actually listening and that they are willing to make changes.

i can’t really relate in anyway unfortunately. i ain’t what you would call a veteran to halo, or games of old. but whiles the game industry has changed since then… i honestly would prefer if we went back to DLCs for things like maps. i mean it felt, in my oppinion, far more fair to pay 10 for one or even multiple maps in a pack, since maps take effort to not only be enjoyable, but also new and unique amongst the other maps, having to also suit the sandbox of said game. i’d honestly prefer that over paying 10 for the color white or for the ability to have Reach’s armor… in a limited way, but i digress.
and yes, i get game development takes tons of time, and un godly amount… but 5 years is still a lot of time to make a game, and i’m sure Infinite could’ve released in a better state. i just hope that during the holidays, the devs get time to relax and recollect themselves, enough to settle on good fixes to work on for the game. that’s if the higher ups allows them that is… honestly the one change that could get me back into the game, is a way to earn the in game currency. like have it be attached to the weekly/daily challenges, every 50 xp in said challenge would be 1 - 2 points for example. if not more…
also as technology advances, surely that would make things easier, no? or at least the same as before. i mean bungie had what is basically ancient tech, their generation of technology. and now 343 has their better generation of tech. theoretically that shouldn’t make a complete difference… aside from looking better

and also also on that side note, you’re very welcome. this is quite the nice conversation, and it feels like i’m talking to a reasonable and sensible person, such as yourself.

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Asking for feedback is fine even after launch but for something that is a beta they haven’t been acting like it.
Beta’s shouldn’t be an on-going thing since there meant to be stopped sometimes to help improve the experience and are meant to end a fair time before any official release. It’s essentially more like a demo than a beta.

After the flights ended it felt like most of the feedback was ignored and I’m not convinced they’ll do much of anything after the ‘beta’ and concerned they will continue to claim to listen then ignore complaints and especially since most people feel like 343i lied in one of their recent blog posts before the build went live. I’m not sure they are listening and at the moment I’m having a hard time trusting anything they say at the moment.

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@ronnie42 And thats okay! Having a hard time believing anything that any developer says has honestly what we have come to expect as gamers. There are a ton of companys out there that give promises and tell us things just to always fall short. Hell one of my favorite games fell flat for a number of reason, only to get promises from the dev team and then nothing happened. It happens a lot these days. All we can do is see what actually happens. And how quickly said actions happen.

I get expectations can be high but the problem is not whether people are hoping for more than was hoped for but wanting dev’s to be more truthful about what they claimed so close to launch and I don’t see how someone can claim the stuff they said so close to launch.

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@Medic_Fox_4 Even with newer tech. that dosent always make things easier. With this game, they decided to build a new graphics engine for it (The Slipspace Engine) and its really a fascinating engine. I would love to be able to tinker with it someday.

But the way I see it is that their working on a brand new game, with a brand new engine, on a brand new console, that needs to be crossplay compatible over a number of different platforms. They need to craft the different systems for things like user controls, netcode, etc. (ill stop there cause i dont want to list every aspect of it lol) There are a lot of things that go into it. And again I completely agree that with the time they had, they could have /should have come up with a better system for things like the battle pass, better tier rewards, and almost every aspect of it. This is the first time that they have done a battle pass like this. Granted yes we had a battle pass in the MCC, but structurally it was completely different. Now that dosent mean that this one is wrong. But it does need to be adjusted in some very important ways. One of my brothers and I were having this discussion the other day. I would love to see the current color system removed and have something like the system for Anthem added to this game. Then on the battle pass you could have something like different textures, different types of color (chromes, pearlescent, etc). This would give players not only more ways to customize their character. But they could truly make it theirs. And it would actually give them a reason to grind out the pass. along with adding more items rather than things like XP boosts and skips.

That part honestly is what really bothers me. Personally Im on pass level 34. No skips, just playing and the XP boosts, (Ive drank so much Rockstar lol) But they need to focus on things that will actually make a player want to put in the time. Add the in-game currency like you said! This would give players the option of saving up to purchase the next pass or to spend it in the shop for something.

@ronnie42 Again, that is a very fair point and I agree with it. The dev team gave us as fans a certain amount of expectation. Then when it came time to deliver on those promises, they fell short and even deceived us. And honestly that’s not okay. Too many developers do that in this day and age. And again im not making any excuses for anyone. But I feel that this early in the games life, they have an opportunity to realize how bad things truly are from a gamers perspective and either make changes to help the game become something to usher in a new age where game developers are going to have to start worrying about how to build another Spartan killer. Or if they are going to turn a deaf ear to the masses and do what they believe is best for the game, and risk turning what has amazing potential into a smear on not just the company’s reputation, but also risk turning the game into just another place holder that people skip over when looking for the next free to play game.

And unfortunately, something like this is only going to come to light when the company has time to make the changes that were asking for. The same can be said about the Campaign Co-op and the forge mode. Ive gone over a tone of things in my head on why something like this could have been pushed back. Forge I can understand, has the potential to on its own be a massive addition to the game. I personally have spent a ton of time in forge. So I can see and understand the time it could take to build all of the possible assets that can be used. not to mention the buildable spaces, vectors, textures, etc. As far as campaign co-op, I didnt understand it at first until I watched a video clip of them explaining why the co-op had to be worked on especially from a system and technical stand point. But again. Time will tell.

And a side not @ronnie42 thank you for being respectful in this chat and bringing in a side to the overall conversation. It is greatly appreciated.

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Sure np. I may not be a fan of 343i but I am a fan of Halo and I just want the best for Halo without it compromising it’s values. I just hope things get better and I’m worried for the IP.

@ronnie42 You, me, and a bunch of other people. Halo for me has always been more than just a game. I have all the books both physically and digitally, figures, models, etc. One of my fondest memories with my dad was because of Halo 2. This franchise is extremely important to me. But at the same time, I understand that Rome was not conquered in a day. and that things take time. Unfortunately for us fans, all of this fell right before the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And while I would love to see this game fixed just as quickly as anyone else. These people have families, and they do need time to de-stress and de-compress just like any of us would after working god knows how hard and how long on this game. So until then all we can do is give our constructive feedback and ways that may help fix it. And hope that they are in fact listening to us and reading our posts and that we will be seeing some changes sooner rather than later.

My word a positive talking post such a rare find especially with the other posts going into blame 343 for everything territory it s nice breath of fresh air to see

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@pugwash1 lol isnt it though. Thank you for the compliment on the thread. Ive been wanting to make this one all day, and im toying with the idea of making one for feedback and actual constructive information to help fix the game. but there are already so many of them. I have made one with my concerns and ideas to fix these things. But by now im sure its gotten lost amongst the screamers lol

Yeah it’s like making a post on how to fix this and give feedback is like being frowned on when sparing out blame _____ for this and that is more liked it’s backwards thinking is what it is