The Reapers are recruiting and we like customgames

We are The Reapers, We will fight alongside one another till the, end NO matter how Tough the enemy is WE will WIN. We are always going to be there for everyone GOOD and BAD, Because we believe in teamwork and, thats why we TRAIN to be the best for our PEERS so they know we always GOT their back, because we are MORE than a TEAM we are a FAMILY.
join and help us and you get Achilles armor set
And really want a bunch of people to play custom games with like every night and every weekend of so
The Reapers

Point of Contacts

Good luck with your community! I’m glad to see y’all consider yourselves a family and play customs too. We pretty much do have the same type of clan so it’s good to see more of these groups popping up in the Halo community.

Thanks and good luck with your community.
mite have to team up one time a play customs

Thanks man. And yeah just add me and shoot me a message if you ever want to hang out, I’m always down to meet new people and play some customs.

Still recruiting?? I’m down :smiley:

I’m starting off my YouTube channel and I think custom games with people I can rely on and trust would be fun! My gt is my username

Yes on the recruiting and the YouTube as well