the real reason of not having firefight

I’m suprised noone has thought of this but why would you need firefight if 343 has made AI placement an option in forge, it makes sense…

It doesnt make any sense to me.

I think they decided to do something new (SpartanOps) instead of just another FF mode.

Or… they replaced it with mini-campaign co-op missions called Spartan Ops. 343i already said it was Spartan Ops that was filling the void/scratching the itch of missing firefight and other things.

Well they did say no dedicated firefight. Hopefully that means they don’t have a separate mode or maps dedicated to only firefight and maybe only use MP maps as a gametype rather than a gamemode.

Hey, stop looking at me like that… I can dream can’t I?..QQ sigh, I’ll miss firefight.

Maybe I am alone but I don’t find Firefight that interesting.

It would be for me if you could actually establish a small base with upgrades for it or for vehicules.

I mostly play campaign which is more interesting and offers more variety.

I feel the reason they did it was the complaints. Lag, Afk’ers and a butt load of cR per game. Thats why they took it out.

why doesn’t anyone consider how one of the Spartan Operations can actually be a ‘hold down this area’ mission, which is basically the definition of firefight?

Spartan Ops have much more potential than firefight ever had. Congratulations 343i, spartan ops is actually an epic and innovative idea! and we all know those are hard to come by.

The “No dedicated firefight mode” to me suggests that there will be firefight-like missions in spartan ops, probably at least 1 per week (of the 5 that they release) where you just go to a location and kill a bunch of waves of enemies.

I think they just merged Firefight into Spartan Ops. I think a few of the Spartan Ops missions will be firefight. Also if they add more Ops missions through dlc it will make more map options for firefight Ops missions.