The REAL reason Halo's losing players. And 4.

Someone made a great point. And having time to think about it, it’s a sad, but somewhat amazing theory, if not “fact”.

Before COD or w/e else is out now Halo was the game, (Halo2) was the thing to play. All your casuals, bro gamers aka- frat boy COD lovers and little kids played it. Because it was the popular thing to play. Infact it was literally the only thing worth playing to anyone.

Long story short COD came in and pretty much grabbed all those people. The Bro Gamers who play COD and don’t know crap about Halo (or even COD for that matter) and probably a bulk of little kids went to COD to feel more “manly and lol soldier real war”.

Halo now is left with mostly folks who LIKE THE GAME and enjoy it. They don’t play it because it’s the only good game out there it’s because they aren’t the casual folks who have been playing Halo 2 for so long. They are the real fans. Some of which may switch to COD or Gears of BF3 but always go back to Halo.

So really Halo isn’t getting worse. Sadly because a bulk of gamers today are casuals, COD boys and kiddies losing that means losing about 2/3’s of your population. So Halo 4 has a hard pickle jar to open.

I really could care less what place on the XBL charts Halo is. Enough people play each to find a game and have fun. And I’d rather have 10,000 a day playing who like the game, know it, aren’t -Yoinks!- and are mature then 100,000 people play who are mostly little kids, TKers, Bro Gamers and a-holes.

So the only real way Halo 4 can beat “COD” as far as players is either
A-Not care about players. Popularity does not make something better. A lot of people like Justin Bieber and don’t even know half the members of The Beatles and so on. The majority of people are STUPID. (i.e- People care about Snooki and Kim Karadiasn/-Yoink- or w/e)

B-Find a way to make little kids and bro gamers feel like they are manly awesome soldiers in such a way COD looks old.

C-Destroy Call of Duty and all other games literally and make a monopoly of Xbox Live gaming.

D-Hope it’s pretty damn good and brings in some more folks. Yet the RIGHT folks.

Not sure about you but A and D are my choices.

I agree 100%. I’ll take a game that has around 100k people on it at night that ISN’T the big mainstream game filled Justin Bieber wanna-bes over the one that has 250k filled with them. Much more fun of a game anyway. Halo > All IMO.

I prefer Halo over any other game.

Same here.

If COD was to shut down for a year (or shorter) and same with BF3 and Gears the amount of population increase on Reach and Halo 3 would just be overwhelming.

Yet people need to stop caring so much about population. Care more about playing with your friends and fellow players who have some type of connection.

One thing Halo 4 could use for sure I think is to be more open and interactive. More people needs mics. More people need to do customs and invite people. And so on.

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> The majority of people are STUPID.

In America.

CoD will fall. They will burn in the pit of plasma that we have prepared. HaLO wiLl wIn. It wilL. mAd? tHeY saID eInStEIn waS mAd! tHeY sAid EdIsoN wAs mad! mWaHaHahAhA! tHeY wIlL diE! hAhaHa!

Dude, you are so right! Just the other day I was trying to explain the depth of halo’s back story to my bro (COD gamer)He just doesn’t get it! The only thing I can do is choose to play the game I enjoy and not fallow the sheep (COD gamers) 100,000,000+ people play COD, around 100,000 play Halo(reach) peer pressure is all people need to play COD. On several occasions my bro played COD and I put in a mic to see what people said, every match at least one person would say “I hate this game” (not when they died, most of theme were quite good) because they don’t enjoy the game they play!

So, I am kind-of a halo nerd: collect the toys, read the books, watch waypoint vids, got legendary and download all the DLC! I say “it’s easier to enjoy something if there is actually something there to enjoy”! And I always come back to saying COD IS SO SHALLOW!!!

Nice generalization of the Call of Duty audience. It’s popular because anyone can pick it up and play it. It’s really easy to get the hang of it. Halo isn’t nearly as accessible as CoD. Veteran players will always have an advantage over new players. At least that’s how it was until Reach came out.

As for your comment about the majority of people being stupid: Just because some people like things that you don’t does not mean they are stupid. What does the knowledge of the Beatles have to do with video games? Please, keep your personal bias out of your stupid posts. In fact, please don’t post anymore.

WHOA!!! Man do you think people are smart or something!?!?!?!? I agree with you but you can’t place “smart pills” in a game case (wish they could)

Well said OP could not agree more.


> “manly and lol soldier real war”.

LOL! i’m going to post that on all my family/friends Facebook page’s who play CoD and will not accept the fact that CoD take’s nowhere near the skill level that Halo does (well except Reach of course).

Thank you!

Oh same here, Only most of my friends like Halo’s story and lore. I’m dif the big fan of my friends, I would say 60% of them really like it, 40% are ok with it, and nobody really hates it. They think it’s ok AT LEAST. But we have fun with it.

Yet yea my friend and I play Call of Duty sometimes just for something new but we end up either not caring about it or wondering about all the B.S. We play Halo Reach or Halo 3 we have more fun, Yet sadly he doesn’t wanna buy all the DLC for Halo Reach so he plays Cod more.

Another thing. Don’t make DLC so needy or expensive. He even told me if the DLC was free he’d be playing Reach a lot more. Yet feels like it would be half -Yoink- because he’s missing so many maps.

Also COD is too damn easy. It takes no skill. And most the deaths I have are B.-Yoink!- scan fails. I mean I got level 80 and i wont even Presige b/c I dont even care. One of my damn classes is an M14 and an M60 and I swear it’s so cheap and B.S it’s not even funny.

When I want a game that’s fun, takes some form of skill, and is more diverse I play Halo.

Dude if we got started talking about skill, you would have allot of COD playing six year olds screaming at you! and yes I agree with you :slight_smile:

Regardlss if you think Reach is the most casual or least casul of Halo’s it still takes 10x more skill and team work then COD.

Call of Duty is fun at least sometimes. Yet the fun I have on COD is a small taste of the fun I have had and still have with Halo.

COD is shoot first and kill or camp fest. It’s skill is so small it’s not even funny. The guns are all clones, most of which are so unrealistic it’s not even funny.

The -Yoink!- (spelling) Shot gun isn’t even made anymore from what I hear. The Type 95 is not anything that powerful, The Ks12, a bullpup shotgun which should have more range and accuarcy is a POS…My friend’s talk about it all the time how -Yoink- and messed up COD’s guns are. My friend and I agree they pretty much said “This gun looks cool, Make it reall OP…ANd this gun w/e lol ok”

It’s the same reason the Ak47 is the last or near last gun you get in COD. It’s over popular yet over rated as much as the M4 or m16. A good gun but it’s NOTHING SPECIAL.

It really shows you the fanbase of COD. They don’t know -Yoink- about guns and it’s more about “This gun is cool lol”.

The only guns I like and are pretty good in COD (that I can remember) Is the m60, m14, M7 and one of those sniper rifles

Halo is better. Deal

why can’t you find both halo and CoD fun? they are both great games. except that reach is utter trash and that all the CoD games after world at war suck balls. most halo fan boys are on the same level of arrogance and stupidity as CoD fan boys. when will you kids learn that both halo and CoD are dying or dead, but there isn’t anything better to replace them with. in short, we’re screwed.

Nobody else think it might just be because the franchise is 10+ years old and people like expanding their gaming experience to other games? Is there a 10+ year old franchise with multiple releases that is as popular and still pulls the headlines Halo does? If anything the fact that Halo is still as big as it is a testament to the developers and the strong core fanbase. I agree with the person above me as well dont generalize gaming fanbases that is just rude, there are no “dude-bro” or “nerd” gamers there is just gamers. Why do gaming communties have to be so hostile to each other? Playing one game or another doesnt make you better than anyone else people play what they want to play and that shouldnt be restricted to one game.

The way I see it is:

Halo was top dog. CoD 4 came out, and gave it some competition but Halo 3 was still more popular. Over 2 years later MW2 came out, and an aging Halo 3 finally got taken out of 1st place. Reach comes out, it was a disappointment, which pretty much gave it’s only competition the chance to flourish and gain even more of a following.

I wouldn’t say Halo lost it’s popularity as a franchise. It’s just that Reach was bad, and by the time Halo 4 is out, 6 years will have passed before the last GOOD Halo game shipped (Halo 3, September 2007)

If Halo 4 is as good, if not better than Halo 3, than I have no doubt it will be just like the old days when Halo ruled supreme on top of the charts.

Well according to Halo 4 First Look video, they are leaning more towards competitive. So the population might not be as high, but the competition should be the best ever (hopefully).

Good Halo games hold their own in the online leaderboard chart against COD. This is a fact. Halo3 held its own very well against HUGE COD titles in COD4 and MW2.

Bad “Halo” games do not. The best thing ever to happen for COD was “Halo” Reach.

Sometimes the reality of the situation is hard to stomach, but stomach it you will. Halo Reach is the only thing to blame for HAlo dropping down the list.


Okay guys, COD is bad and Reach has flaws, but the forum is about Halo 4, and I say I want AI’s in forge!

> Well said OP could not agree more.
> Also:
> > “manly and lol soldier real war”.
> LOL! i’m going to post that on all my family/friends Facebook page’s who play CoD and will not accept the fact that CoD take’s nowhere near the skill level that Halo does (well except Reach of course).
> Thank you!

explain, in detail, how using one weapon(the utility weapon) that beats every weapon in the game except power weapons; but only within the niche of those weapons will said utility weapon lose, takes more skill than using multiple guns with varying combat characteristics that still have a good chance of beating another weapon if you know how to use it.

halo weapon sandbox sucks -Yoink-.