The real 120 level Battle Pass

The real Battle Pass had 120 levels with way more customization. Before they thought it’s a good idea to sell the most popular Reach armor.
This should be highlighted.

Add “h” at the beginning.


I agree, it should. It seems they originally didn’t plan to sell 10 year old reach armor, but rather have it all be unlockable. That would have alleviated a lot of my concerns personally. To whoever made the decisions to gut the pass (I doubt you’ll see this), doing that is a big part of why players are unhappy. That a was a bad decisions.


Shame, would’ve been way more challenge swaps (and I’m currently still sitting at 17 lol).

But if I see that correctly, pretty much no rewards for non-Premium owners?


Free users don’t really get any rewards with the system we currently have, do they?


Looking at this and seeing how much was cut out to be thrown in the shop makes me depressed.


26 rewards and 40 challenge swaps

I equipped all the free items I obtained by now just to show that I don’t own the Premium Pass lol


I just noticed that the original battle pass even proves that locking things to certain cores was a last second change. Coatings and armor parts aren’t marked as core restricted here. Vehicle coatings are implied to be for all vehicles.

Speaking of vehicle coatings, remember that blue bundle for $10? Yeah well, it’s listed here as a rank 5 reward. What the hell happened.


uhh, oops… yea, the battle pass progression is slower than we’d like, and the challenge system sucks, AND the custom games and theatre are broken and there’s not enough playlists day 1, b-but we promise to fix it guys (cough right after the holidays when some whales would have purchased their way through the battle pass and bought every bundle from the store cough). We feel your pain, and we’re asking you to trust us, you know we’d never ever try to intentionally lie or mislead our players because we’re fans of Halo too. I mean just look at how Amazing Halo MCC and Halo 5 are today… I guarantee you that all these problems will be addressed and you will finally get the Halo game you deserve… 4-5 years from now…


P.S. I realize this is a very sarcastic and somewhat mean spirited post, but I am genuinely upset and sad to see how far my favorite franchise has fallen thanks to 343i, I just cannot get over it…


I know right. I think they realized the most popular things can be put into the shop and can be removed from Battle Pass. Its so greedy


Boy, ain’t is great to unlock challenge swaps to swap challenges to get XP to level up to get more challenge swaps? Very rewarding lol


Yeah, it really feels like an awesome achievement for every player

Reach ‘core’ is not even free. You need to buy the BP to unlock it. So when new Reach attachments are released - you can’t buy them separately to use them, you also need to buy the season 1 pass?


I wouldnt even have a problem with that if they released credit into the Battle Pass and all Reach content and then want to have 15-20$. This would be fine but not like it is.

This is going to be the last BP I buy, bought it out of hype but never spending another dime on this game


This is becoming such a joke. Kinda glad 343s scumminess is being exposed by people tho. This is the best Halo game they’ve made (I don’t need to play Campaign to know) and they really are ruining it with egregious monetisation


Dev/Exec person #1: This battle pass looks great! People get all of this cool Reach and Noble Team armor!

Exec #2: But if we give them all of the Reach armor then how will we make money? Make it smaller and remove some of that extra stuff.

Exec #1: But why would we shrink the battle pass and remove stuff from it?

Exec #2:



Yea this upsets me a lot. I love the CQB helmet and it was originally a level 59 unlock. Now it looks like it’s gonna be a store item. I honestly refuse to purchase it when it’s available. The unlocks, customization, and progression really needs work. I hate to see how great this game can be, but it going down the drain because of mtx.

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I was able to unlock almost everything in MCC Reach casually working on challenges over the course of a week. Mostly just doing PVE challenges. It felt great, I put it off for the longest because I didn’t want to grind for Reach armor a second time.


The balls they have saying 89.99 is the most popular credit purchase too is wild.


eeeh, the free stuff still ain’t rewarding… but the extra reach armor for those additional 20 levels would’ve been wunderbar. too bad 343i only care about money. ngl if 343 doesn’t change this entire system, i hope halo dies right here and now. because if it does, another halo game will turn into a yearly thing akin to call of duty, with even more monetization if not the same amount as before. whiles also being somehow worse than call of duty… thanks 343i