The Reach Security Force

Hello I’m Elven Deadeye, General of the Reach Security Force, and I’m recruiting for the Spartan Division Corps. Were a fun and mature clan that accepts anyone.

How it works: The Reach Security Force has up to 4 Spartans per division. The first member of each division is the commander of their team. There are different kinds of divisions such as infantry, artillary, sniper, vehicle, and airborne divisions. Commanders are responcible for recruiting their team. We do matchmaking, forge, custom games, and clan battles.

Do NOT need mics

Must be mature and friendly

Must change service tag to close to team name then number you are Example: MTH1 (Mythic 1) or NVA4 (Nova 4)

Recommend changing emblem to clan emblem (optional)

Current live divisions: Mythic Team: head division (still looking for members)
Alpha Team: sniper division. The next few to join will be part of Mythic Team and after them we will be opening new teams. Some examples of our divisions are:
Nova Team: infanftry division
Shadow Team: sniper division
Road Hog Team: vehicle division
Sabor Team: airborne division
Demolitions Team: heavy artillary division

If you wish to join a division message and befriend Elven Deadeye!