The Ravager - mediocrity starts here

Just delete this thing forever and bring back the Brute shot or Fuel Rod gun. I can’t take it anymore. The Fuel Rod gun specifically would look fresh to death with a red paintjob and green gas explosions coming out of it… It would also actually kill things.

I’m not an expert, but I’m bored at work so here are my thoughts on the weapons so far, probably not gonna get into all of them:

The Skewer - This is the coolest weapon in the entire game. My biggest complaint is that it’s a power weapon that can only kill one person before a mandatory 5 second reload. It’s fine that it’s slow, but it should at least kill two players before it has to reload to be called a ‘power weapon’. Think Rocket Launcher. That’s the slowest power weapon that you could call one. The Spartan Laser was hitscan, and I don’t see the same philosophy behind the splaser working with the Skewer. Let it fire two rounds.

VK78 Commando - I think this weapon tries to balance too many negatives with too many positives. Nerfing it won’t work, and the flights show that an outright buff won’t work either. At any rate, I believe it’s easily fixable.

Remove the hitscan. Slower bullets will naturally increase the killtime without reducing damage, and will also naturally make the gun less accurate, without needing RNG bloom and recoil. Players will now have to lead their shots for a perfect kill which will now be less common, yet not random. Since it’s an automatic, shot leading won’t be tedious, because there’s less delay between shots. Increase auto aim angle and reticule size to account for the spread. This will at least make it consistent to aim at range, even if it won’t lead shots for you. As for recoil, the thing kicks so much you need a gorilla grip just to hit someone standing still. Definitely reduce the gain so it at least resets between shots. I’d argue for removing recoil altogether but I’d test it first.

Now you have a ranged auto weapon that kills fast, has a skill requirement, and isn’t random! You’ll be able to keep the 7sk perfect kill and fire rate without sacrificing balance.

AR/Sidekick - I included two weapons here, because they do the exact same thing, at the same range. The only difference is that one is automatic and the other isn’t. You can’t even call the Sidekick a ‘backup’ or ‘cleanup’ weapon because it shreds the opponent from full shields in 1 second just like the AR does. I don’t even advocate for a nerf of the Sidekick, but the way it’s tuned is just really unnecessary and egregious, and both the AR and sidekick are headshot capable. They’re redundant weapons now and I miss the Halo 5 Magnum which had a clear niche as a shorter ranged BR for arena purposes.

Battle Rifle- The battle rifle is not a recoil weapon. Stop trying to make it one as some form of ‘balancing’. This is a solution in search of a problem. If you have problems with the weapon being too accurate or too dominant at a certain range, it’s okay to remove hitscan or pursue other methods. Giving it recoil just makes the weapon terrible at finishing kills and extremely unsatisfying to use at mid-long range, where it’s supposed to be used.

Pulse Carbine- Neat in concept. A plasma weapon that’s designed in a way that can be used at range, using homing bolts to make up for its slow projectiles. Problem is, it sucks. The homing is broken pretty easily and I don’t think making the homing stronger would be very fun to fight against. It should just be turned into a fully automatic weapon. This will make it better up close as well as at range. As a burst weapon, the BR does everything better, including the ranged part. Ironically the two pair really well with each other though.

Bulldog - Prior to launch, everyone correctly assumed it was a nerfed shotgun. Please do it the honor of putting it out of its misery and bring the shotgun back.

Heatwave - This is the interesting version of the Bulldog. The dual firing modes give it a layer of depth and the alternate modes can be used on vehicles or larger groups of players. My main critique is that the damage is a bit low, and I don’t say this because the weapon isn’t good or doesn’t kill quickly, or anything, but because it often won’t kill an unshielded player unless 90% of the burst hits them. Like, that’s pretty low damage.

Shock Rifle - I hate it. Won’t even bother being constructive with this one. It’s just another dull, low aim assist weapon with little accuracy and a ton of risk for no reward. This weapon doesn’t even know what it wants to be. There’s too many snipers in this game already and this is easily the worst.

Stalker Rifle - I could marry this thing.

Anyway, goodnight. Ravager sucks.

Ravager - Yes it sucks. It was better, maybe even a touch too good for a wall weapon in the Tech Test but now I’d rather have a pistol or even my bare hands than try to kill an enemy with the primary fire.

But, you do know the Commando was nerfed HARD right? It’s not a 7 shot kill anymore. It’s now 8 shots to kill to the head and 13 shots to kill to the body (up from 10). It’s pretty garbage now and is only really helpful when your teammate has a better weapon to strip the shield while you spam to try and get a headshot or if you are constantly perfect (which is very difficult due to the recoil and bloom). We don’t need to make it even worse.

I asked for a rework of it basically. It’s not a nerf. Once you remove hitscan you can keep it 7sk and remove the recoil and it won’t immediately be broken.