The Ravager makes trash look like expensive champagne

Its so pathetic that it’s actually amazing. Ravager looks and sounds so awesome until you realize your squirting ketchup at the foe. Or terrible hot sauce that doesn’t even leave a sunburn on the tip of your tounge… The charge shot takes forever just to do about the same damage as two sad bursts of mediocrity.

Please buff this weapon, it doesn’t deserve to be so terrible. The Commando needs a slight buff, but it’s still able to kill above average and is my favorite weapon. Pulse Carbine strips shields quick although it’s too slow with TTK.

The Ravager is pathetic. Absolutely :100: % pathetic and it was great in the beta. I love the Ravager and want it to be viable! Please fix it’s sorry state 343i. Before ketchup stains every respawn screen with sadness and stale beef…


Imo they should revert all balance changes they made since the November 15th. The sandbox felt amazing in the flights

Lmao… well said, ravager needs help. I hate starting with ravager and pulse carbine in fiesta

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I feel like the Ravager might be one of, if not the worst weapon I’ve ever seen in Halo. Not only does it not kill well at all, but it has significant ammo issues (which would make sense if it did high damage) and it’s secondary purpose of area denial completely fails because the secondary fire takes forever to charge and won’t kill a full health spartan even if they stand in the flames for the whole duration.

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OP, I think you might be giving the Ravager a little too much credit.

The Ravager sucks when compared to stopping other players but it really is effective against certain vehicles.