The Ravager Is Useless

It’s without a doubt the worst weapon in the game at the moment. I feel like it’s a replacement for the Brute Plasma Rifle, and it’s a poor one at that. 343 should either replace it with the Brute Plasma Rifle or rework the gun. The Pulse Carbine could also use a rework, but even that is better than the Ravager.

It seems to me like the overcharge shot is the only way you’re going to actually kill anyone with this gun. The regular burst fire does so little damage I almost think it’s bugged…

I just can’t figure out why 343 would make a gun look that big and menacing, which also fires powerful sounding explosive blasts, do so little overall damage unless it’s glitched…

Pulse Carbine’s actually pretty decent, i think it just needs an extension on its lockon range.

The Ravager definitely needs some work. I like the idea of it, its more interesting that just a red bullet hose imo, and I like the idea of more plasma weapons having an overcharge, but right now it just feels immensly weak.

It was good before they nerfed it. Now it falls flat and provides death for the user. Why would you push away players from the brand new tools is beyond incomprehensible.

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