The Ravager is Awful

I always knew the ravager was a bad gun from the start but when i got a challenge that said to get one kill with it i found out how completely useless it was. Its damage is awful its ammo is awful and it overheats so easily. I like the gun the sound the look and the feel but when you use it in pvp its a death wish. Please fix this.


I strongly agree, I had to get 1 charged ravager kill for a challenge and 10-20 times even if the enemy was clearly one shot… STILL they would not die. I hate the gun, I will never pick it up, 343 need to either buff it or remove it from the game IMO.

It’s strange how if the Ravager breathes on you though in Campaign, you instantly burn and die… Shrugs

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Exactly in the campaign it was a beast when it was shooting at you but idk why 343 doesn’t want people to have fun with this gun.

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The ravager seems to be the same as the pulse carbine, they are only useful if they are used in combination with other weapons. As standalone weapons, you are better off using harsh language…

It’s great for killing spectres in the air if you can get enough shots off at them while they’re doing troop drops.

Spectres were a 4 man ground vehicle with a turret in Halo 2. As the covenants variation of the warthog.

I think you mean Phantom. But I am not exactly sure if that’s what the Banished drop ships are called.