The Rarity of REQ Cards

Hello all!

So yesterday, I finally really started getting my REQ business on (was still too stuck in MCC MP!) and WOW, this is so cool! The amount of work for all these skins and armors must have been something. I also love that older variants of weapons made and are making the cut in future updates, like the CE Rocket Launcher and recently the Brute Plasma Rifle!

But now that I’m getting into this a little bit, I was wondering… how is the REQ card’s value divided? For instance, are there like 10 something Legendary cards that are almost impossible to get, and the rest of the legendary cards make their casual appearance from time to time…or is there really this sort of ranking of value where you could make a top 100 based on frequency in packs? If so, what do you guys reckon to be the rarest of them all? I was wondering this as I got a Hannibal Scorpion card in a pack today, which to me seems like a pretty nice catch. But I am absolutely clueless on the actual rarity of this and other legendary cards (are there common or rare cards that can be really hard to get in a pack as well?)

ps: I would love to see 343 adding a certain achievement in their very last Guardians Update, whenever that might be. An achievement that requires you to acquire 100% of the REQ collection. That would make for an awesome collectible thing and a good reason to keep playing Guardians for a long time to come. I’m still on the H2A multiplayer from time to time because of that Domination achievement for example, which in a way is ‘forcing’ me to play way longer than I would normally have. This is a good thing to be clear, as I’ve met awesome folk and played ridiculously awesome games over this extended period for example. I kind of miss that with Guardians, that long term grinding achievement that you can set as a goal. I love things like that.