The Ranking System is Broken

I don’t get how came up with the idea of giving either 2% or 30% for a win/los in the ranked games.
It is extremely frustrating, to grind 10 games to receive only 20% and lose 30% by only one lost game. Especialy wenn you fight agains two Champions as a Dimond 2 and the game thinks that you should win this, so it takes 30% instead of 2%.

Change the it to 2% and 10% and/or fix the matchmakingstats when you are suppost to win/lose!

Its a dumb system you just have to face it. Or play cod bo4 in a week like i do. So done with this game. Still broken after 3 years. Congrats 343 what an archievement

Unfortunately i doubt its going to change. I was never a fan of it. I just stopped playing ranked.

I realy like that there is a ranking system, but i just hate how it works ^^

Yep when you start the season at diamond 1 playing solo and end up all the way to gold even though your going 20-2 most games there are so many better ways around ranking than win loss especially for solo players and then it sucks for the gold players when your matching them and destroying them but there is nothing you can do to get out of the rank for awhile

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