The ranking system in this game is great!/sarcasm

First of all, I dont care about SWAT and don’t even like SWAT, but this stuff has got my blood boiling.

I just finished my placement matches for SWAT and was absolutely dominating kids. No wonder, I constantly was getting put against golds and platinums. You would say that after all those 30+ bombs, the matchmaking system would put me against people of similair skill AKA diamond/Onyx. But no, I constantly played platinums and golds and didn’t gather enough “skill points” to get to Diamond/Onyx. Instead I got placed in Platinum 6. Final stats?

14.0 KDA
100% win ratio
200 kills/62 deaths.

I don’t care about getting put in plat because I play like a platinum, but this is just plain unfair. Haven’t experienced something like this in other playlists. Is this exclusive to SWAT or did you guys experience likewise issues in other playlists?

You think winning over 40 players is enough to determine your skill in the entire population of swat players?

Skill rank is relative, and divisions are not tied to specific metrics and numbers, but who you win against or lose against and their own skil rank.

Placement matches throw you in a general direction so you don’t have to wade through several divisions.

I think that, after 3 games, I should’ve been put up against better people. Instead I played platinums the entire way. That’s not how a ranking system should work. I should be scaled up against better players until I hit my ceiling and those people are plain better. Then I should be put in a rank which reflexts my skill. Instead, I played people that are much worse all the way. Again, I don’t care about the rank I’ve been put in, I care about the way I’ve been put there.

Similar story for me.
I also was pretty much exclusively matched against gold/ silver maybe platinum players.
Out of the 10 placement games i won 9 and was mvp in almost all of them.
For that i got placed in platinum 1. I just dont get the logic behind that.
So far i only had that issue in SWAT.