The Ranked System

I’ll shut up about this once it’s fixed.

Say you have a lobby filled with the same rank players. Your team wins slayer. Here are the stats:

Player 1 - 13:10:0
Player 2 - 13:9:0
Player3 - 12:8:0
Player 4 - 12:7:0

Player 1 and Player 2 will get significantly more xp because they placed at the top of the “scoreboard”.

My beef with this is…Ranked Halo is a team game…not an individual competition. The system, as it currently is, creates unhealthy competition amongst team members.

I was watching HCS and the commentators often pointed out the MVP of the match was often a player with the lowest KDA. These players were making crucial plays and setting their teammates up to make sweeps.

The ranking system should reflect the team nature of what takes place in a ranked Halo match.

I’m not even going to get in to the issues I have with Smurfing/boosting/quitting because that’s a whole other issue with the system I’ve wrote about it other post.


While that is true, it’s impossible to identify this unless you are physically watching the game. The system cannot measure what a crucial play is. Just as it cannot measure when you did something that cost your team the game. There’s plenty of times that will be true too.

Realistically KDA is a raw stat that can be used to determine a stronger player in a game. There’s a reason some teams even at the top HCS level use dedicated ball carriers.

The whole point is consistency, the top player should not always be the top player if all skills are equal, players will take it in turns popping off. Also the top player won’t be rewarded more if they are consistently not a better performer than the players below them. You can be the lowest scoring player on the team and still get the highest CSR increase after any individual game.

The system will never be perfect and some players will always fall outside of their true ability range, but most players will be rated pretty damn accurately to achieve well balanced games, otherwise the system could not match games so evenly so consistently.

Realistically I don’t think it is fair for players to be rated the same if their contributions are different. Yes they were all important to the win, but some players are inherently more important on average. If I play with a Plat 1 level player, we would still win similar amounts of games (50ish%), but this doesn’t mean they should be Onyx level or I should be Plat level. It just means that our contributions are equal to the systems expectation, so our ranks are accurate.

I’m a pretty low k/d player by all accords but I think I generally have a positive impact on my games. I always focus on doing what I think I need to do in the moment, whether that means throwing my life away. I will always sacrifice myself for the good of the team.

I honestly think that the damage dealt stat needs some more significance in terms of your payout. I don’t actually no how much weighting this stat has, but to me it’s really the deciding factor of how much a player contributed throughout most of the match if theu weren’t primarily occupied with ball time or flag caps.

High damage dealt to me is more impressive than a high kill stat with lower damage. Assists come into play, but not all damage turns into an assisted kill.


Whenever I’ve compared players for people on here (like when they don’t understand why their friend is a higher rank than them) I have noticed damage dealt is always higher for the higher ranked player.

This may not be true in all cases of course, but I think it is definitely a relevant stat in determining rank.

Like you said, it doesn’t always convert to an assist but putting damage on a player is always helpful and sometimes at the end of the game I’ll check it to affirm my suspicions when a player on my team was tearing or one was not very helpful. Sometimes players have half decent stats because of clean ups but low damage. It’s clear then those players have not contributed as much as they should have. I’m generally quite calm when I play but sometimes I do feel myself screaming, “SHOOT SOMETHING” internally.

The number one stat which I don’t think can be properly measured is positioning. But damage given and damage taken are usually directly related to positioning so I guess there is that.

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Maybe. I feel that I consistently deal less damage than would be expected for my KDA, but I think that it’s just that I play a little bit more conservatively/opportunistically. I might argue damage given is not directly related to position. If I have good positioning I’ll kill someone in four BR shots (or a mangle/melee, noob combo, etc.), rather than get three shots and lose them. I feel like super high damage can sometimes just mean you’re taking loads of potshots or engaging in scenarios where you can’t finish (although maybe your team can).

Interesting questions though.


Is this Kills/Deaths/Assists? This team won and got no assists?
I agree completely that the ranking system should have to do solely with your team winning or losing. Not moving your CSR when you win and then gaining CSR with you lose is totally backwards and makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I suppose it depends, putting shots on other players does a few things for the team. Means the enemy can move less freely, they split their concentration, they also have to take time to recover shields which means they can’t engage as quickly. If your team do engage with them then they’ll have a shields advantage.

Ultimately though, you’re right. There are times where being conservative or sneaky and staying undetected can be super helpful. I think especially if you then split the enemy teams focus a lot of the damage can come from your team as the enemy try to deal with you behind enemy lines. Typically a good play but you may not deal much damage or get kills in the process, however your team prospers due to it.

I’d say damage isn’t the be all end all stat, but it definitely helps paint a picture of a players overall influence on the game, especially in the context of that individual game. Like some games where it feels like the enemy team are focusing solely on you and teaming, your team aren’t distracting them at all. Then you see your teams damage taken and they are not putting themselves out there to help cause problems to the enemy team. Or they have low damage output and that correlates with how every enemy you face is always full shields. A game where you can’t get a perfect kill is always a good game, you never want to have to 4 shot an enemy really.

You can’t gain CSR on a loss, or lose CSR on a win.

Yea I really hate the way it works as well. It’s all about the individual in the result while in the game, it’s team vs team.

Not to mention I’ve seen posts saying kda actually doesn’t matter, it’s more about kills per minute - implying it’s better to go 20-20 than 15-10. I can see this behavior between 2 of my friends, one is consistently 15-18 kills and death, other is 10-12 kill but usually 8-10 deaths. The guy who gets the 15-18 kills is rated higher even though he consistently does worse against better people when he plays with me than my other friend.

Damage dealt would be a good indicator I feel, should go with kills/assists of course but there’s value even putting shots on someone who doesn’t die IF it makes them back down and heal.

Really though I wouldn’t take the actual value of the csr seriously unless you want to grind the leaderboard. We all know roughly where we fall in the grand scheme of the game.

Yep, I’ve noticed this too. 18:23 will get a better reward in slayer than 11:2…

The one thing that it seems we can all agree on is the most important stat that should be looked at is if you get the WIN.

In my humble opinion, as a conservative support player, there should be a flat bonus for winning matches and MAYBE a SMALL bonus for preforming with particular stats.

There is WAY to much weight on individual kills currently

I’ve won games and preformed decently (12:8) and gained zero before….I don’t know if this is a bug or if the ranked system just doesn’t care for support players.

I think the system should be simplified, clarified and most importantly communicated to the player base.

The rank rewards/punishments just feels like Russian roulette at the end of each game…I hate that.

I like rank systems like Apex…where you put a wager to play and earn point back for performance. It’s especially nice how in Apex this is part of the UI…so the player actually knows what’s going on.

It’s undeniable the current rank system is changing the way people play the game in a negative way…like when your entire team is standing around the oddball going for slays instead of time….and yes I understand both are part of the match.

The current rank system just encourages a type of play style that is not team or objective focused at all….and a ranked Halo is a team/objective game.

Even slayer has objectives to contest that require support/additive play styles at times.

People are abandoning the team aspects of the game in favor of the CSR rewarding kill count.

Haha. Yea there’s matches like that man. Like…everything has it’s importance. The player with the cross angle getting that 1 tap clean up kill is crucial to do something following that. Open the map, stronghold or whatever. However, it is of course understandable to be that player at the end of the match especially on the losing team having as much as 2k or more damage above every other player feeling like man…what the heck were you guys doing!?

Halo can be such a stressful game sometimes. It’s hard to justify spending a few hours of frustration on it at times in my experiences.


It’s really sad.

Especially when the weightings for such things are probably not as strong as people think.

And they may even be going for the wrong metric. Prolonging the game for a few extra kills may give them a better K:D - but if the measured outcome is kill rate (per minute) then they may actually be setting themselves back. Especially when I deliberately go into hiding to deny them the kills.

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