The ranked system in this game is horrible, its too hard to derank

Ranked should be a measure of your skill not time played but right now it seems like everyone is getting plat+. I got placed in diamond in the crossplay queue and it just feels like the skill levels differ sooo much game to game. Its too easy to rank up and too hard to derank, the system should put more weight into wins/losses.

People aren’t going to want to play ranked if its meaningless, most people that play ranked want to get better and play against better players. They also want to see how good they are and how much they improve while playing the game and the current ranked system just fails at doing any of that. It really seems like you can just brainlessly grind ranked and if you are average-a bit above average, you will climb no matter what.

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If you’re above average at that skill level… You should go up right? It probably is too easy right now. I haven’t lost much playing solo, but games are close which is all I care about.

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I just meant above average in general, right now it seems like any decentish player can easily get onyx if they just grind enough. I’m diamond 2 so far and it really seems like it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose, my performance doesnt matter besides kills/deaths, I just keep climbing and I dont lose rank when I lose games. Its pretty ridiculous.

Yeah I haven’t really lost rank, but I’ve been mostly been one of the top performers on the team most games, with some being a landslide performance. I wonder if anyone has experience losing rank, by being pummelled. Surely not everyone will be able to reach Onyx rank. But I’m sure they will also adjust the system if it doesn’t work as intended. I have seen online some players have ranked in Gold. Some people have lost rank too and talked about that.

I’m currently Diamond 4, going to grind to Onyx over the weekend. Most of my games have been close though so it feels like the ranking system is mostly getting it right, which is good as it’s always worse at the start of a games lifespan as most players haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

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Yeah I think there should truly be a better sliding scale, placing most average players in gold - bronze

Bronze - 10%

Silver - 20%

Gold - average to good players (40%)

Platinum should be reserved for universally GOOD players

Diamond should be reserved for great / excellent players (3~10%)

Onyx should be 0.01% ~ 1%

Champions obviously top 200 or so

Referencing spreads similar to apex legends


Ive lost 5 games in a row before and didnt derank and that was with me absolutely sucking and going negative in pretty much every single one of the games. I really think its not working as intended unless the intent is for everyone to get a participation trophy.

Another problem that I see with the ranked system is it doesnt seem like its trying to match 4-stacks against each other and its just random. I played like 10 games today with 3 friends winning every single one and in most of the games it seemed like everyone on the enemy team was just running around like a chicken with its head cut off, they were using absolutely no teamwork.

So either they were friends and just trolling/not caring about winning, diamond is too easy most of the time, or the most likely one: we played against solo queue people while 4-stacking. Thats pretty stupid, it should try to match 4-stacks with other 4-stacks even if there is a bit of a rank difference.

TrueSkill essentially pivots on the W/L.

How much MMR you gain or lose depends on the matching of the teams. Losing to an evenly matched team shouldn’t change your rank very much at all. Losing five in a row would have dropped your MMR with each loss… but not enough to cross the threshold of the next rank.

I don’t have a reference… but I think the minimum MMR you can gain or lose per game is 3 points. Each rank (eg. Gold 3 to Gold 4) is 50 points.

They need to get rid of the placement matches and have everyone grind from bronze tbh

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It should be more of a normal distribution.

The mid point of the curve would be between Gold and Platinum.

Maybe someone more mathematical could confirm - would each division then be a standard deviation from the mean?

But ranked would have a curve skewed to the right as the less than average players kept to social / customs.

I just dont understand why it isn’t more like a regular ranked system, there are people in onyx with negative kds and negative win rates… And some of the people in onyx havent even been playing halo, they are actually pretty bad. There is such wide range of skill in onyx its crazy.

Every other game I’ve played has a better ranked system imo: Apex, Overwatch, League of Legends, MCC, Valorant, CSGO, Splitgate. I just really hope they change it because right now it just seems pointless to even play ranked if most people can get the highest rank. Only the top 1% of players that play ranked should be able to get onyx and there should probably be a top 200-500 rank too, like Challenger in League.