The rank is terrible

The qualifying network is very bad 3v4 often happens I’ve been held off for a while. Today’s normal game is second to none. A lack of one person is a punishment. You have to be deducted points whether you’re good at these three or not. So how do you answer my 343? You limited my strength to your poor qualifying system.
-Yoink!- you rank system

lol What? Ya people are disconnecting and crashing out. So there definitely needs to be a way to rejoin games or they no contest a game when it starts 3v4 or 2v4 or any variation that isn’t fair. I don’t think they should punish leavers or rage quitters just give them a solid de-rank and let the winning team get all the leavers mmr. This all hinges on being able to rejoin a started ranked game you crashed out of.