The "Secret FireFight Map" Speculation.

Now if you haven’t listened to the podcast or read Frankie’s announcement, do so. They keep hinting to a really awesome and really easy to guess map. So lets put our minds together and speculate on what it might be. Now my first guess would be the beaches of The Silent Cartographer, the Covies would spawn or arrive from a Shade dropship on the other side of the beach and just relentlessly charge your position. I think this would be amazing in terms of FF.
My other guess would have to be the temple structure housing the Control Room, it looks perfect for FF, wraiths and banshees out in the open, while covies get dropped off on the bottom section of the structure.

Lets hear your guess and speculation as to what the secret FF map might be.

Library vs. the flood, mystery solved

I would think the beaches of Silent Cartographer as well

Three-way battle from either two betrayals on the maw.
Better yet both and more.

> Library vs. the flood, mystery solved

This would also be ideal

Yeah I’m betting on the Flood.

OR AI marines. either on your team or not.

I was thinking it might be the tower housing the control room. Seems perfect for firefight. Plenty of other good areas, but that seems like the best to me.

I’m also thinking the Control Room structure. I remember a good Halo CE mod that did just that, and it was pretty fun. This would be a good area for a FF map.


Flood Firefight sounds too good to be true. If it happened, I would love 343 forever, +1. :slight_smile: I can’t really speculate as my attempt at Halo: CE Legendary solo was cut short after 3 missions, just too hard for me. I can say that I don’t want anything on the Autumn, anyway.

Maybe a firefight based off the second mission with marines and stuff.

They’ve already implied it’s NOT the flood. Plus, that’s an impossibility on technical terms, when it comes to implementation

At first I thought it would be The Library, but now I’m thinking a MP map, Chiron maybe lol?

Also, don’t know why, but I’m convinced it’s a Flood map.

this is my guess

Second level “Halo”

You’re at the gray structures where the marines are suppose to be, but there are none, it’s just you and the covies! :slight_smile:

(Coughbsangeltellus!cough) Ahem! sorry bout’ that. :smiley:

Several things people are forgetting…

  1. Firefight is using the Reach engine, not CE. The Flood were never in Reach. CE never had firefight
    and we’ve been told multiple times the campaign engine is exactly the same.

  2. It would require more work for 343 to add Flood to FF, and then they’d have the outcry for flood elseware.
    The Flood would have to be redesigned from the ground up for Reach, and again… this is essentially a map
    pack release and a separate recooked version of CE campaign as a “budget” game.

  3. Firefight in Reach almost requires certain things. Landing zones, a somewhat secluded spawn area, choke
    points, and power weapons you have to run for to get.

With that in mind, which of these sounds the most likely?

The Pillar of Autumn - “Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.” Halo - “Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant.” The Truth and Reconciliation - “Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.” The Silent Cartographer - “Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.” Assault on the Control Room - “Defend the Control Room against wave after wave of Covenant troops.” 343 Guilty Spark - “Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemy the Covenant fear.” The Library - “Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of the Index.” Two Betrayals - “Re-activate the weapon at the heart of Halo… and learn the truth.” Keyes - “Stage a one-cyborg assault on a Covenant ship and bring back the Captain.” The Maw - “Destroy Halo before Halo destroys all life in the galaxy.”

Autumn, might work but there’s no way for enemies to show up but by the attaching pods, and it’s very enclosed.
Not much variety here or ability to have great battles.

Halo, maybe if it was around a spire or mini base… something that would probably look like Valhalla. But overall the map is far too large.

Truth - this is a real contender, as you’re already on a covie ship, much like in Reach. They could easily do that again.

Cartographer might work if it was just the beach section, but you’ve got 0 cover and no places to pick up weapons unless they are in drop pods. The drop ships would rip anyone up on such flat open land. The rest of the island doesn’t fit.

Control Room - another contender, the pyramid structure has multiple steps and paths up, as well as drop ship landing zones. you could drop weapons pods. There’s cover and height for snipers. The enemy can sprint up the bottom and try to overrun you.

343 - Well, you could do a map here… but it’d be really annoying. Plus I think it’s probably a little much in the way to have to rework. Without the flood, it wouldn’t be as scary either. The lack of clear sight lines and glows would give it a zombie mode vibe… but again, you don’t hear a ton of people asking for this map… ever. The interior structure might work, if you think about how the AI reacted after the flood got out… but again it’s a very small interior play area.

Library - Possible. But again how do you get weapons and drop ships in there? I suppose enemy units could poor out of the tunnels again, but then you could just guard them and cut the enemy off.

Two Betrayals, I think you just fought back up the tower from control room… so same thing applies.

Keyes - same thing as Truth, different vibe but that’s about it. All they did was swap covies for flood and add explosions.

The Maw goes back to Autumn… so again, same thing.

So we have Library, Control Room, and Truth…

I imagine most people will pull for Library… due to the flood idea… but this is Reach we’re talking about here.
So I have to put my vote on Control Room, due to the pyramid like structure and lack of flood. Truth we already have a very similar map, so I wouldn’t count on that one.

they’ve got flood models in CEA so why can’t they just import them?

> they’ve got flood models in CEA so why can’t they just import them?

Well the FF map is going to be in the Reach engine. The actual campaign is using the orginal Halo engine with a new one running over it to give new graphics. I don’t think it’s as simple as just importing something. They will have to create or at least modify Flood models and animations, because they aren’t in Reach.

doesn’t seem too difficult.

course, what do I know

Every movement from a arm flinging out to a lunge, to a head or slouch walk of the flood
would have to be carried over or redone for newer higher poly models of flood.

Then you have the issue of sounds, of programming the AI to react differently than any other
enemy unit, then broken up by flood class. the flood also break apart and reanimate after
you kill them. What weapons can the flood use? How do they use them? Can they take over
vehicles and how to they drive compared to other AI? The flood spores fly up walls, how does
that play into the design of the map?

There’s a hug amount that goes into making a single enemy in any game.