the quit ban

i have been leaving games all day, due to the JIP system which i hate for big team battle, and it came up with a 60 minute ban, yet its been over 60 minutes, and my ban hasnt lifted, i only have 8 railgun kills till i max UNSC Weapons and get the Breach Stance, so i am eager to get on :smiley:

Do that to avoid JiP as much as possible.

thanks, i have been using this method, but theres alot of times where im a second to late, or just busy for that short period of time today, i wish i could toggle the ability, i loved classic halo of searching, and actualy getting a good game from start, join in session is just, awful, you never know what to expect

yay bans lifted, panic over, i did worry about it

Yeah, I totally agree. A toggle would be much better.

Also, the same happens to me when Iā€™m not paying attention as searching for rounds sometimes takes 3-4 minutes so Iā€™m not going to sit around staring at the screen.