The quintessential Halo experience

1.) Log on to see new ultimate reward/event rewards

2.) See challenges that are required to advance ultimate reward/event

3.) Get frustrated because you can’t play the game mode necessary to advance anything.

4.) Get frustrated at the RNG matchmaking, quit Halo, and go play something else with your friends

5.) (Optional Step): Uninstall Halo until Season 2


I just want to add that the new event modes are pretty fun. I like tactical slayer with commandos a lot.

But this fun is quickly eclipsed by the fact that I want to advance my challenges and unlock the weekly reward, but I can’t because your RNG matchmaking system locks me and my friends into a constant loop of games that we don’t need to play. Perhaps we would be more inclined to continue playing for fun once we already completed the things we need to, instead of getting frustrated at the lack of progression and then subsequently giving up.

  1. Uninstall Halo and never bother to play this trash again even if they “fix” the game. Too little, too late.

Why should this game deserve anyone’s time when there are many better options out there? Halo franchise is dead, it needs to die off. But Microsoft won’t allow that because it’s their sacrificial cash cow now. Pathetic.


Step 1: log in
Step 2: get placed in a server across the world
Step 3: have a bad time
Step 4: log out


welcome to modern day halo! where neither the publisher NOR the devs care-… wait, that’s just every other modern game!

also you forgot step 3.5] get frustrated from being assigned a server across the world with 100+ ping


Aw nah, not Elden Ring too (I wanted to play it)!

That is a lotta big talk for some one in a Halo forum😂

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That’s pretty much my experience. I’m in western Canada and somehow, 343 insists that Germany is much closer to me than say, Seattle USA? So I get 250 ms ping times instead of <~25 ms ping times. Maybe their network selection code is using the wrong comparison sign (i.e. used < instead of >) for which Server?

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you and everyone else buddy, just finding matches across the world… the match composer for Infinite just sucks so much i’m surprised it got past play testers… if there was even any play testers-

oh wait, this is a live service game, so this is still a beta for the next 10 years meaning we are the play testers -v-

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Hell let loose that’s the mp to be playing

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I agree with your point but Germany don’t have any Halo Infinite servers. The only EU servers are in Dublin and Amsterdam.

Step 1: Refuse to purchase the full game, and only play free on game pass, and lament over it being the first Halo you wont buy due to it being so bad.

Step 2: Rage, and then uninstall it anyways, because it’s not even good free.

Step 3: Go play a real game like Elden Ring with friends that have also left Halo.


Agh, you all forgot voicing our grievances on the Waypoint forum!

The most important and essential step!


I only play anymore if there is an event/decent weekly reward, and with friends.
I’ll drop in for S2 to play a bit, but if it doesn’t hook me, i’ll go back to the same strategy.
I’ll just keep doing that until they fix the game


Just think, the effect of 343(I)ncompetence) incites some people to spend more time here than on their game :clown_face:

Waypoint: The Quintessential Halo Experience

  1. Look on the Waypoint app after the weekly challenge reset

  2. A. Skip the week if there’s no armor customization unlock

B. Grind out the challenges until you get the ultimate done

  1. Wait till next week.

  2. Repeat.

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Is that a good thing?

I should have said European Servers, but the ones I get on are usually populated by German referenced gamer tags or Cyrillic names. Still, the matchmaking Server is no where near Alberta Canada.