The Push for Arena/Ranked BTB

When I hear all the great things 343 is planning to implement into Halo Reach, one thing is missing, Ranked Big Team Battle.

The BTB playlist in Reach is filled with parties of 8 high ranking players who go in with the intention of beating up on randoms. I feel as if a Ranked BTB playlist would completely alleviate this issue for both the casual players who just want to have some hectic fun in BTB and the competitive players who love BTB.

With the inclusion of RBTB, changes must be made to the social list to ensure its survival. Set party maximum on 4 players in the social list, so full parties would be forced to play competition in ranked/arena. However, randoms (smaller than parties of 4) would have the option to play RBTB.

While the population for such a playlist may not be too high, it could be kept alive in the short run and allowed to thrive over time with a wide trueskill search range. Searching on my 1% Onyx in the Arena leads me to believe I can only match other players in the top 10% Onyx range. For BTB, this could expand. For the first 30 seconds look for a 10% difference, and every minute of search time after that it doubles. Even if the expansion became too wide, the trueskill gains/losses in a match between Onyx vs Gold players would be insignificant.

As for the settings, has been working on competitive BTB settings for quite some time. From Sprint only off start, to more competitive maps, the settings would be a layup.

So 343, will my hopes of a RBTB playlist ever be fulfilled, or is it simply a false hope?

good idea with kinks, I play with my friends clan at times and we like to go into BTB with a full party of 16, making it so in social we can only play ranked with 8 would be dumb, social should always allow as many as the playlist can allow and ranked should allow only as many as on one team.

One question, Why a ranked BTB with a game that takes no skill and has no sprcific ranking system to even be called “ranked”?

Cant and wont happen… Period.

Out of all the things you could of said you pick BTB to be ranked? it’s like me coming on here and saying that Zombies should be ranked