The Pulse Carbine is completely useless

It’s just a faster br that takes more bullets to kill. It’s redudent

Something that’s a little disappointing about Halo Infinite in general is the lack of plasma weapons standing out as plasma weapons. This isn’t new to Halo. Both Halo Reach and Halo 4 had this problem, but you’d hope it would be fixed in a title that aims to be more akin to ‘legacy’ Halo. The Pulse Carbine is an easy fix: Strip shields faster but not health.

Yeah I can’t do anything with it. One of my weekly’s is to get 10 kills with it. I spent an entire BTB match trying to use it and got 1 kill. It’s impossible when everyone you fight has an AR, commando, or BR.


I had a 3 pulse carbine kill challenge last week and it was very hard. I was able to get it but it was frustrating. I have a 10 kill challenge that I’m not going to even bother with and will swap out this week.

The Pulse Carbine is fundamentally flawed, this is the problem with tracking weapons, either they are too strong or too weak and there isn’t much middle ground to find. The Needler alone has already had enough of a struggle to fund a solid place in the sandbox.

If I were to do anything to give the Pulse Carbine a better place, I would make PC shots player guided ala the Cindershot instead of tracking projectiles. Put control back in the players hands and let their own tracking abilities determine hits.

Ah, now THERE is a weapon that is a pale shadow of it’s former self.

You need to stay the distance away from the user and track cursor over the player during the entire time it fires. If you aim off the bullets will fly off