The Pulse Carbine is completely useless

Complete garbage gun. Completing that challenge was frustrating as hell. Didn’t make anything better as I was having rubberbanding problems too. Too slow on tracking and does barely jack nothing.
I like Commando at times.

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Is it pvp or can you do it in bot slayer? I always make sure I know which challenges can be used on bot to save me time and frustration :sweat_smile:

H5 Brute Plasma Rifle says, “Hello.”

Okay yeah you can generalize for any gun with that wording. the battle rifle is useless unless shots hit like haha?

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I think everyone has it wrong. Like I said I’m pretty beast with it and I’ll tell you my secret.

It’s a support weapon.

Are you kidding? The Heatwave melts people. Its the best shotgun in the game.

i’d say you nailed it

I very much agree the pulse carbine and plasma pistol need tweaking but I personally feel like the ravager and Hydra are ok. They may not be the best for a 1v1 kill but they have a solid role. The ravager can use splash damage to offer strong area control. The hydra is great at taking out fast moving vehicles and spartans. Sure it doesnt do loads of damage to a player but its locking compensates allowing it to be a long range opener or a finisher at any range

The Pulse Carbine is deadly at range. The other day I had 3 or 4 kills in a single match on Bazaar. I can imagine it would completely shred in BTB or on a map like Behemoth.

Two full bursts to the head is enough for a kill, but you need a red reticle otherwise it’s hot trash. Lead your shots, aim high and stay at mid range. If you get too close it loses its tracking ability.

Best of luck :+1:

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Man if you can’t use the plasma pistol idk what to tell you. It’s the best one besides Halo 2s. And just like with the PP, the Hydra literally aims for you.

A freaking gun that is slow on its shots and does only shield damage is what you would call useless. Still missing the point as all people.

Doesn’t make a difference when the plasma bolts are slow at its tracks. Especially when you are up against a player that manages to take advantage of the slow -Yoink!- plasma bolts by moving left and right in a fast pace while shooting at you with a BR for example. Any weapon, it really doesn’t matter, you’re pretty much wasting time.

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It only works at mid range out in the open and even then there are other guns that out perform it there too.

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It does, you just have to use it at a further distance then what we were used to with the old Carbine, I found that out and now get kills with it

You do realize that you cannot go toe to toe with people with an AR or BR? You would get overwhelmed easily by it. Even a pistol can out gun that stupid thing. If it’s only use is for BTB then what is the point of having it in rank for example? They only have small closed maps you know. Also it’s 4v4 which makes it twice as easier to get targeted by people.

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Lol, no? It’s a 2SK weapon.

Probably my favourite plasma weapon since CE PR, liked the stun on h3s though.
And the halo 5 storm rifle was a beast.
This carbine i love.
It has a sweat spot for range that takes some adjustment and the profiles are slow but it strips shields so well and then its just a head shot from the side kick.

TBH all the weapons are crap the carbine is pointless and the shotgun is the same.

I wish we had the covenant carbine instead.

Personally I don’t like either the pulse carbine or the commando rifle. I feel the pulse carbine is blatantly outperformed and the commando rifle is not very accurate to some extent. Either way I generally avoid these weapons if I see them unless there’s a challenge with them.

I miss the covenant carbine.

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Wish they gave us the old close range 1 shot shotgun back :v
The main gist is this :
Anything that is only effective within the AR’s kill range is beaten by the AR. That’s the entire problem.

Solution : these stuff needs buffs.