The proportions of similaritry in Halo 4

I mean of course the percentages of what i hope Halo 4 will be like:

50% New innovative halo game

10% Halo 3

15% Halo 2

15% Halo CE

5% Halo Reach

5% Halo Wars (okay maybe just the awesome graphics and aesthetics)

If you get what i mean, i do in summary want a new halo, but i want the feeling to harken back to Halo CE. The gameplay, especially multiplayer, needs the new awesomeness halo 2 had, the game needs to feel back to where chief left off (okay i know its 5 years later but it was cryo sleep so hes not much different) But there are some aspects of Halo Reach you must admit were good and cool (Dat Falcon!), and a small bit of me wants to fly a Vampire or drive a locust but also big battles. Long sentence there.

What are your proportions?


Halo Reach
Active Roster

Halo 3
Ranking system
Firefight (ODST)
Map Style
Custom Games
Breakable objects (From Forge)
Sniper Style (Needs Skill to use)

Halo 2
Gameplay Style

Halo CE
“Classic Playlist”

Halo 4