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So I don’t know if this is already happening or not, but I want to gain XP for medals. That’s how it was in MCC and I liked it that way. I don’t really care how much XP, just something to make progression a bit easier and make you feel more rewarded for getting medals.

Also I just want to say: other than the progression, I am loving Halo Infinite right now. It’s great.

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I personally think the medals is a bad way to go, but I appreciate the progression might feel slow as it is. Bear in mind this is the only thing we have to work on for the next 23 weeks.

Even if you are only gaining 5 levels per week, you’ll make it to through the battle pass before the next one arrives. Even if you don’t, it never expires :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s true. I forgot how long this season is. But I still think that there should be something as a reward for medals. That could be like a tracker on how many you’ve gotten total, or XP, or XP boosts if you get enough, just something.

These are just some thoughts I had about the current XP Progression System tied to the Battle Pass. Currently you will get 50 XP for every game, and additional XP for any Weekly Challenges in a match. Well this leaves people who are either out of weekly challenges, or are unable/not wanting to complete those challenges, without additional XP. Well I think I’ve put together a decent idea to use medals as an XP gaining feature.

First breaking down how Halo Infinite’s Medals work is important. In Infinite, there are 4 unique tiers of medals. Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic. This tier system will help us determine the worth of those medals, as they get progressively more difficult to achieve as the tiers advance.

Next I believe it is important to look at the current XP Level for each Battlepass tier, which is a static 1000 XP per level throughout the entire Battlepass, so we’ll be designing this system around that XP amount.
Breaking down the medals into to tiers we can assign them each a value

1.Normal Medals : 05 XP Per Medal Earned
2.Heroic Medals : 10 XP Per Medal Earned
3.Legendary Medals : 20 XP Per Medal Earned
4.Mythic Medals : 50 XP Per Medal Earned.

Breaking these down we should also recognize that some players will achieve massive amounts of medals, in game modes like Total Control or Stockpile where the game can last a full 15-20 Minutes, more longer sprees from Vehicle Use become more likely, thus making in some cases, the amount of XP per match earned to between 50-75 Percent of the 1000 XP, so we will want to cap the amount of XP a player can earn through earning Medals, as to not allow the user to promote through the Battle Pass to quickly as that has in some cases, the same effect as progressing too slowly. Figuring that most challenges are around 250-400 XP, we should expect that our XP cap per match is somewhere in this range. We should also figure that most players will have access to Double XP tokens and will be using them. Without using a Double XP token we should want the player to achieve less than half of a Battle Pass tier, but while using one achieving more than half of a Battle Pass tier. 300 XP per match serves our XP Cap well, as with a boost it will provide 600 XP or 60% of a single Battle Pass tier. With this cap it will allow for most players to still gain many medals while still not hitting the XP Cap, as broken down below.

1.Normal Medals : 60 Medals to reach XP Cap.
2.Herioc Medals : 30 Medals to reach XP Cap.
3.Legendary Medals : 15 Medals to reach XP Cap.
4.Mythic Medals : 6 Medals to reach XP Cap.

To recap, this would mean that for any match the player has the ability to earn as low as 50 XP and much as 700 XP (Provided they have a Double XP Token Active).

To provide an example of a match, lets use Player 1 and Player 2. Lets say that both players are in the same Lobby and are playing Big Team Battle Stockpile on Highpower. Player 1 gets 20 kills, 0 deaths, and 2 Objective points. Player 2 gets 10 kills, 10 deaths, and 8 Objective Points. There medal spread is as follows,
Player 1. Killing Spree, Killing Frenzy, Running Riot, Rampage, Perfection, 1 Triple Kill , a Marksman, and a Skyjack medal.
Player 2. 3 Killjoys, 2 Double Kills, All that Juice, Death Race, and a Hail Mary.
This means the for the same match, Player 1 earned 210 XP from their Medals, while Player 2 earned 75. Both Players earned differing XP amounts for playing the game in different styles, and the drawback is that it rewards Slayer based Players more so than objective based players. Perhaps room for improvement exists to equalize this.

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