The progression/XP system needs to change

After playing Halo Infinite Multiplayer, I got to say I love it but the only grip i got with this game is the XP system, IDK how this got past the drawing board the fact that its possible to play a game and not earn anything just makes me feel like i wasted my time and the double xp tokens don’t help at all.
I got 2 solutions that I can think of, 1 just add match xp, I honestly don’t mind these challenges its just the fact that if you don’t do them your kinda wasting your time at least to me.
2 change how the double xp tokens work, the fact how your given a time limit doesn’t work with this system at least to me, a simple fix is make it match based like each token gives you 3 matches of double xp it would make things easier on people not feeling stressed about trying to get the challenges done in 30 min and when the timer counts down in the menus.
All in all 343 out did them selves I can’t even lie the game is fun, but these challenges are going to turn people off and for the people it doesn’t turn off its just gonna make them pissed about getting the challenges done. I just hope they either change this or do something soon because this idk if it’ll kill the game but it will make it into the state MCC was in.

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