The progression tasks are sucking the fun out of the game for casual scrubs like me

Your idea of an alternative challenge set is interesting. Players could choose between two challenge pools: one with more XP per challenge but more difficult and specific, one with less XP per challenge but more broad and generally easier.


You make a good point! Unfortunately many players seem to think that these challenges will unlock something that will help them and that’s simply not the case.

If more players knew that completing challenges offered no actual reward then they wouldn’t worry about them and wouldn’t leave matches nearly as much. For some reason the majority of players seem to think the various “armor” has a purpose when in reality it does nothing at all.

If everyone ignored the “armor” like I do this issue wouldn’t exist and the game would be in a far better state.

Kind of dumb. Only two weeks in and I’m already 35 just about, one third done. Only using exp boosts once a day.

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Out of curiosity what benefit do you get from completing any of these challenges? How does completing them help you in future games?

Hooray! It’s disingenuous question time again!

You only had to scroll up a bit to find the answer you’re pretending to be looking for, but just for you I’ll quote the post. Don’t forget to thank the person who posted it!

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I already made a Meme of it now

So. It’s ok if they ruin the fun of quick play and unranked players ? Challenges would be better if they were not playlist / game type specific imo.

Well there’s your problem. You got six months, save them boosts for whenever you might need em.