The progression system will kill the game before it even launches

The game desperately needs a proper leveling system alongside the battle pass. The leveling system can tie into BP progression and be a fun extra thing to go for. A leveling system that is aided by our actions and performance. Put tons of challenges in the game too for level XP, like MW2 style. Why not? This is the major thing for me that this game is missing. If they can actually put in a REAL progression system, boom, perfect.


I wouldn’t go as far to say the progression system will kill this game. Yeah it sucks and it needs to be fixed but the main thing that will stall this game is the lack of playlists. No Slayer only playlist? Snipers? FFA? Swat? Multiple Ranked playlists? I’m not entirely sure what 343 is thinking but you want to have as many playlists as possible because this is the time you’ll have the most players on your game. I’m hoping December 8th brings in these playlists but we shall see. That said I do hope they release some type of social ranking system like Reach or MCC had. That’s not going to stop me from playing though, its the lack of playlists that will leave people bored or annoyed if they just want to play Slayer and we don’t even have that right now.

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As time goes on I’m agreeing with you more and more. Literally went back to MCC this morning because I couldn’t get a plain old game of Slayer.

Goes for ranked too. I’d love to grind ranked slayer, but I stay out because I really don’t like playing Oddball, Strongholds and CTF as a solo player. It’s stopping me from even playing.

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I actually like having to have a lot of play time or be good for a shorter but still long time to get some rewards… It makes them actually feel special ( and there should be no way to buy them , must be earned).
Like if someone gets x number of week ultimate reward for a season he gets a really nice reward… Most people wont get it… And it will actually mean something.

dislikes though ( i will likely buy battlepass, but will wait for main release)

  • free players get -Yoink!- on rewards (2/3 are xp and swaps)
  • if can just buy everything, not much feels earned like can see people have either cheated or bought their way to 100 already and have everything. So when i get it finally, its just meh guess i got it.
  • its slow, for minimal rewards, make more customization or custom feature unlocks or more smaller rewards or something. Its a lot of play time for junk
  • weekly challenges will by and large account for most gains, unless you are playing 40hr/week. But once you run out of challenges, its basically earning nickles after that
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You’ll be glad to hear about the new changes. I went from level 17 to 20 yesterday without any kind of XP boosts or grants, I’m quite happy.

This is 100% right, the game in general is pretty solid… it’s honestly the first Halo I have enjoyed again since H3. I don’t really mind just playing Arena for fun but the progression is very un-rewarding and slow… I really think they should just make the whole ranking system similar to what HALO 3 had… your general rank with total games highest level etc which in my opinion at least kinda proved, “hey this dude is a 5 star general highest skill 50, he’s probably pretty good” with every playlist having its own rank and the matchmaking based off of overall skill level and k/d would work… the current ranking is just stupid I think, they are trying to follow all the other games too much with these platinum/diamond ranks and a silly battle pass. And from what I’ve seen you can search any queue and you’ll have one guy that’s high rank placement but is Garbage while someone ranked lower can destroy you. They really need to re work the whole ranking/progression system


I do not think that the changes to dailies are a solution to the problem. At best it is a band-aid and at worst it is a smokescreen to try and stop the negative feedback while also leaving the horrible weekly system in place. Diminishing returns on game experience doesn’t feel good. Feels like we are getting punished for playing too much.


Dude this beta is hot garbage. As if the progression weren’t bad enough. This beta crashes mid battle and disconnects me from every other ranked match. It just happened again and when i relaunched i dropped a full rank progression…
i love halo but why would i want to continue playing this

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This is most certainly an internet problem. Fix your internet sir

Damn finally somebody said this, I totally agree with this. Battle pass progression is not to bad right now, but what am I gonna do after battle pass completion? This would be perfect.

@iGoCrashyCrashy they don’t realize how effective the simple number system and exp is for motivating players to play and compete.


If you want to see a good progression system just take a long hard look at Halo reach. I hate to sound toxic but that team did everything better than your last 2 attempts at halo, so that might be a good place to start.


Anyone remember when Halo barely had level progress in H2 besides playlist ranks and everyone was happy? Sweet and simple those days were….

Honestly, I’ve been saying about them bringing the system from MCC. With the way Infinite is, that system as-is would be great. From both their side and ours. We’d have something to work for, and also be able to progress in the battle pass the right way, and they could add a thing where if you bought the premium pass you got 25 levels, and if you bought the campaign you get 15 levels on the battle pass. They could min/max the xp from this system, and it would still give more incentive to play than what we got now.


Not a good sign that the campaign is well & truly launched now and the multiplayer progression is still pretty much the same. It would be really, really easy to simply multiply the earned XP by 2. Each day this does not happen is a day the game loses players it will desperately need in the coming year.

Unfortunately, I don’t have matchmaking population data and as such, I cannot repute or deny your statement. However, my guess is that the game will remain to have a somewhat healthy long term populations as the barriers to play has been greatly reduced compared to previous Halo games and I haven’t seen that many complaints about the gameplay mechanics specifically.

Even that was superior to what they have in Infinite.


Dude, keep seething. I finished the battlepass yesterday without “buying levels” or “grinding”. I abused the system they put in place that everybody was crying about every single day. Here is the secret to get mad gains: every week on Tuesday when weeklies reset, swap difficult missions for easier ones. Queue up, and once you find a match, activate an xp boost. Play for 6 games and inbetween each game, check weekly progress. Do this daily so u don’t waste the xp boost on the 50xp per game after the initial 6 dailies that gives you 1000xp which by the way is really generous. Weeklies hand out so much exp coupled with the fact that xp boosts are plentiful, I even have 2 left. If you were to play only 6 games each day, earning the minimum of 1000xp per day, ignoring all the weeklies every week, you’d still finish the battlepas before season 2. Keep crying, point at my character in a match and scream that I bought my levels or grinded for it. I never paid more than 10 bucks.


I’ll finish my battle pass in around 3 days and wait for season 2 to come out. Taking a vacation from infinite until then. Maybe 343 will fix their stuff during this time, maybe will play the tenrai event and that’s it

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