The progression system will kill the game before it even launches

Not only is the battlepass challenge system the worst on the market, who on earth decided to launch this game without an account rank that you level up along side the battlepass. This is multiplayer gaming 101, progression matters, showing off your skill or time invested matters. Jesus, you have a top notch multiplayer and fumble at the 3 yard line.

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The 1st season will be my last season I will purchase since it will take me years to complete. Who has the time with the current ranking system.


I quit Destiny mainly because of the bounties. The current challenge system in Halo makes the bounties in Destiny look great in comparison. Again I quit Destiny for less. I hope that 343 gets their act together, but they haven’t really shown any great effort to change since day 1 when they released Halo 4. I’m going to give this game a few months(at least until the end of the season since I already bought the battle pass) but if they haven’t made solid changes(I’m not talking about the half-effort band-aid they gave us the other day) then I’m likely just going to go play other games.

Because they are having the o so difficult time of deciding which cosmetics are just cool enough to be free, but not too cool as to people not buying the battlepass or store items.

Yeah I’ve made the same decision.
On another note why the f is there no account based progression system? Who thought launching without that would be a good idea. Every multiplayer game has one even the crappiest korea phone trash gatcha game. I’m using a phone app to learn another language and even that has an account rank.


They failed BADLY when it comes to progression which is honestly just as important as gameplay in 2021.

Gameplay - 8/10 (where are the modes, playlists, lobbies, acocunt based progression etc ???)
Progression - 2/10
Total - 5/10 Multiplayer package

Yup, honestly this game is such an insult to Halo fans. Regret even buying the Battle Pass off of the high of sheer hype. Definitely won’t be purchasing any future ones or even think about touching anything in the disgusting shop.

Seriously, scratch all the progression system and rewards to the ground.

It is frustrating for everyone, and you can easily go down to any streaming platform or youtube and see REAL halo fans, complaining about 0 customisation options. Hell, Halo 5 may not be the best halo, but adquiring customisation options through packs was fun as hell. Give BP rewards like credits, and remove absurd challenges for god’s sake. AKA:

  • Make a HEADSHOT to a spartan that’s making a scope on you with a Sniper rifle.

Tell me, what are the -Yoink!- ODDS of that happening in a reasonable amount of time? I can be stuck on that mission for the whole week, simply because i like to play TBattles, not fast matches.

Look, it’s as simple as:

  • Every game 50 XP
  • For each medal, you get 1XP-5XP depending on the complexity of the medal
  • For each kill 1XP, for every 2 assists, 1XP.

I’m myself a developer, i know it takes time to this. But I’d rather shut multiplayer down until 8th december for you to figure it out.


And i’m saying this for real, I got the Halo limited edition xbox series X, and right now, I’m really ashamed to have supported such a cashgrab, it’s even worse than some mobile games.

6 hours into multiplayer and i’ve unlocked only XP and swap challenges. WTF.

Seriously, shut down the battle pass/store and figure it out.


I’ve been thinking about this, and I really do think that I will begrudgingly complete this BP, but if nothing changes I will just go back to MCC.

My honeymoon period with this game was extremely short, and it’s due to far more than just the BP at this point. The gunplay doesn’t feel good. Encounters don’t feel like they come down to skill, but are rock/paper/scissors matches between the weapons. I know that on some level that that is how all Halo games have been, but this one feels more. I do not like the AR in this game at all. It is obvious to me that it was made to give bad players a chance, and punish Halo veterans. It’s to the point where I just don’t pick up other weapons because the balance is so bad. I can kill most people with the AR at most engagement ranges. It’s a joke. The lack of playlist options makes me stay away from certain playlists. I cannot stand the new Oddball or Strongholds. They are the sweatiest game modes I have ever played. I am a casual player. I do not want to try my hardest at all times in the quick play playlist. The problem though, is that that is baked into the DNA of the game. Even slayer is that way. I just don’t know about it.

EDIT: And just to add on to the AR points, AR vs. AR duels are boring and uninteresting. BR/Magnum/DMR duels all felt pretty good for the most part. DMR was a little bit gimmicky with the bloom, but generally those felt like the better player won out most of the time. AR feels like there is very little counter-play, and whoever gets shot first is going to get killed. I really just do not understand what they were going for with this.


I’ve sadly been very bad with BR since H3. It’s so hard for me to hit all 3 of those dang bullets… When Reach came out I was able to pace my shots so well with the DMR and I had a much better time with DMR starts, but BR starts have always felt super sweaty to me, and is a crappy experience for me, so because there’s a BR in this it makes me enjoy AR/Sidekick starts much better, albeit I agree AR is too OP. It needs a slightly shorter effective range I think.

I understand that point of view, and I actually think that AR starts are better than BR starts. At the moment though there is very little reason to pick up a BR. On most maps AR will beat the BR at the average encounter range. This is what makes the BTB maps and Behemoth feel so good I think. The sandbox is actually utilized.

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its 2021 and yall really want a ranked system from Halo 2, and XP from just logging into the game and are upset the battle pass is even on screen?
Man times have changed with who is playing Halo with me since the golden days.
Just log in, play some Halo, have fun and dont stress about all the other stuff if ya dont enjoy it.

I want to explain my experience.

Today I have completed all the weekly challenges. I have ended up exhausted from so much work. I think the weekly challenge should be removed, to prevent you from having the feeling that this week you haven’t played the whole game.

Also, the game should take into account what challenges you have to put on the most appropriate games. I have the battle pass and I have reached level 20. I needed to play 28 hours to get it. Too much. I have uninstalled the game because it stresses me out.

Because loot box’s was predatory…at least that’s what the general community thought was the reason it was removed but then they they replaced it with an even more predatory system so no clue what 343i are thinking but it clearly isn’t about putting the player 1st like they claimed. :thinking:

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Yep, there should be progression xp towards level ups for earning rewards (Battle Pass, Tenrai etc) awarded for each game completed, with maybe some extra xp for players on the winning team, and a significant portion of the xp should be awarded and weighted based on individual performance. utter nonsense that the tenrai event you can only earn xp toawrds it from specific challenges you just have to HOPE you’ll get in your challenge list. challenge xp should be a BONUS to work towards, NOT the ONLY thing that gives you any progression whatsoever. I finished all my tenrai event challenges in basically 1 day’s worth of playing, now there’s abolutely no reason for me to play the Tenrai fiesta playlist because YOU DON’T GET ANY XP FOR PLAYING IT. dumb progression system.

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You’re being entirely hyperbolic.

The reason 200,000+ players picked this title up wasn’t to grind out challenges to fill some OCD void, it is the gameplay and return to classic Halo form that tantalized us since 2018.

What’s going to kill this game moving forward isn’t progression, it’s going to be gameplay issues currently being overshadowed by a tidal wave of whiny posts wanting easier/cheaper access to cute new outfits for their virtual space marine.

There are some glaring issues that aren’t getting the attention they need right now, and it’s because of over exaggerated posts like this.

Completely optional aspects will not do this game in, issues with playing the game will.

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I also want to point out that the challenge system encourages players to leave matches. Why play non stockpile matches if you need one to get your challenge. It’s just a terrible system all around, nothing works well. Not a single thing.

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what progression? oh you mean the copy and pasted battle pass engine? oh yeah that one, needs to be taken out of the game. if only people werent so r3tarded that they just eat any -Yoink!- put infront of them because it keeps their simple minds happy. i was max rank in halo reach now i dont even want to play it because im rank 0 in it. im diamond 6 in halo infinite and i dont even enjoy it at all. 343 are just a mob of money hungry rats. no one will stand up for it because they think infinite is good because it has modern graphics, as soon as they see a youtuber say the graphics are cool its just “TAKE MY MONEY”

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yeah hundred percent. i would just go back to halo reach if i wasnt rank 0. i was forerunner or reclaimer or something, but the yoink rats decided to just wipe history and copy every other game and put a battle pass and a store. and even felt the need to not put any rank system in. im diamond 6 in ranked 1 game off onyx and i couldnt care less for being onyx. ive been 1 win off onyx for 3-4 days. the only way you unlock armour is the battle pass, reach was so good, the xp system was a little slow but i got to what i said, and was actually happy with it. not diamond 6 not even caring. i just wish everyone wasnt so braindead that they just eat whatever yoink is spoonfed to them. “oh the graphics are good idc about anything else.” “the game is good im happy with it” they just like it because it looks cool. they literally dont care about anything else. i wish suicide didnt leave family sad. the new world order is in full effect

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Totally agree, no one likes the progression system, since there’s barely any progression actually happening.

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