The progression system will kill the game before it even launches

I think it would make sense to soft decouple challenges and XP gains. So that challenges would still give XP but will not be the main source of it. In my opinion the main source of XP needs to coincide with the actual multiplayer game objective, that is to contribute to the win. Challenges would still be required to gain an exclusive per week item and give per completion XP so the mechanic would be valid. In this case per week item quality can be increased so the motivation to do challenges is balanced against more prominent skill-based XP gains.
This way skill and team effort would be appropriately rewarded and challenges would still be a thing but more focused on getting the item at the end.

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I’m at 30 hours now, I’m at rank 9 and feeling burnt out. I just can’t seem to do the challenges I need. They are so circumstantial I hardly ever have an opportunity unless I completely ignore the match and just try to complete on challenge.
I would paid $60 for a fully fleshed out multiplayer Halo, and a AAA Halo Campaign in a second. This BP multiplayer monetized mess of a game is disappointing. I hope major changes are planned.


The fact that the battle pass actually got a prompt patch in response to the feedback (even if it did little) gives me hope we are not shouting into the void here.
Yes, more XP means people will complete BP faster and there will always be that one guy who does it on the first day and, yes, it will lower the motivation to buy levels, XP boosts and Challange swaps but you still have the Premium Battle Pass to monetize and other shop exclusive cosmetic items.

This is by far the slowest and most frustrating progression system i have ever seen, and i play Destiny and Warframe.

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Having a harder and harder time every day trying to convince myself that the title of this thread isn’t true, but I really can’t keep covering 343’s -Yoink!- on my home front.

This XP system is flawed down to its very premise. We need a progression system supported by challenges, not challenges pretending to be a progression system.


It is such a wasted opportunity. Makes me so sad as a huge Halo fan…

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m considering not even buying the campaign now. It was basically a must-buy for me since it was announced. I love Halo so much, but I simply cannot support this monetization model they have set up for Infinite. It’s really disgraceful and even more of a shame since personally I actually LOVE the gameplay and sandbox. I think this will backfire on them and hope they completely change course immediately and rethink what they’ve done here or yea sadly this is DOA.

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Agreed. Halo 5’s multiplayer kept me playing for ages because I liked the weapon/vehicle variants you collect through gold packs. Also there was SR levels and I thought warzone was good… why did they scrap it?

As of right now I don’t see any reason to buy the premium battle pass. Not only this, but I also won’t buy the campaign if it stays like that.

The gameplay is fun, the graphics are nice and it is a nice game. BUT I’ve been playing since Halo CE and I feel truly hurt about this game.

There were a lot of good examples in this thread, how you could make a game that will still be played in ten years. The battle pass alone is not a way to achieve that and keep your customers. The Battle pass should be an addition to a ranking system that makes sense and is rewarding. I know you guys are capable of this, you proved that with Halo5 and MCC. MCC is perfect in that regards.

A online multiplayer game in 2021 and it doesn’t matter if I win, lose or just drink coffee. I get 50xp any way. SERIOUSLY?!


Having just completed my challenges this morning on top of buying the $10 pass, at level 17 I’m stuck with only having + 50 XP per match to progress in any way.

That is to say: + 50 XP . . . regardless of what team wins or how well you do in-game . . .

I love the Halo Infinite sandbox, but there’s literally no incentivization to keep playing when my in-game performance doesn’t matter and the progress continues to be this slow.

This was the first battlepass of any game I’ve ever bought, and retrospectively I’m not sure what the point of buying it was. This needs to be fixed, or I won’t be buying another.


The progression system for Halo Infinite is definitely slow. They say we’ll have enough time to complete season one with the current system, but there’s no way that will happen with the shorter lifespan of season two. I have a few ideas that I’d like to put out on how to make the progression system more flexible.

  1. Make the completed match EXP 100 points. That should be simple and intuitive, the battle pass requires 100K EXP. Playing 1,000 matches would still take a while, but it’s better than the 50 EXP it currently is.

  2. Make it so that we can select which game modes we can play. The current system in MCC works really well, and I think would help in completing those game-mode specific challenges that are just awful right now.

  3. Pricing. In the worst case scenario, make it cheaper to spend those credits on level ups. 100 credits instead of 200, some people have day jobs and just don’t have the time to grind out an entire season.

  4. Give us more challenges to complete that can make use of the bot matches. That can also take out some of the RNG that’s dependent on PVP matchmaking.

I’m sure other people will be able to cover areas that I haven’t addressed, but I feel like these four points would help. Please 343, listen to the community and make it easier to level up! The current multiplayer combat loop is great. The progression is awful!


Right now I’m just trying to grind out the weekly challenge, then I’ll probably be back next week when we get more challenge’s, but after that I really don’t know if I’ll be coming back. I love the game enough to make a profile to comment on forums, but man, I just can’t play 15 games with no rewards, no reason to play the objective, and being forced to use a gun that I suck with, making my team lose a game of slayer just because I needed to complete a challenge.
If they had cool skins and camos they would make a ton of money, just like COD. but making skins takes work, forcing challenges doesn’t…

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These practices are so greedy, I’m so disappointed, once again, they chose short sighted decisions instead of long term ones, don’t they know that they’ll get much much more by being fair with their playerbase? Like give people what they want and they will stick by you. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

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Well, progression is part of the fun for me and for many players. Your opinion is not welcome if you judge us by what we enjoy from a game or what not.


The weekly challenge system still sucks after the update. I’ve been stuck with the same “kill 3 players with the ball” weekly challenge for the past 3 days because there is currently no way to queue for a specific game type. I haven’t gotten oddball in 3 DAYS, and I’ve put over 15 hours into the game over this time period.

I still find that my friends and I are constantly chasing the challenges instead of the objective of the match, especially since performance doesn’t matter to your level progression. Doesn’t matter if we win or lose, as long as we get our challenges done…

Challenges we really have problems with are the vehicle ones in BTB. The scorpion and wraith don’t spawn nearly often enough and all of the other vehicles don’t seem to reliably spawn anywhere to even complete challenges. It’s all up to chance which really blows when you’ve been trying to complete a challenge for hours.


When you consider how few maps, modes, no forge, no custom game browser, no co-op, the worst progression system ive seen in a long time I sadly have to agree. I love halo and will still play every other day or so, but most people are going to play for a few weeks tops then quit. There is absolutely nothing that will hook the casual target demographic. This game has amazing gameplay but theres so many bad things on top of it souring the experience from limited customization(cores force you to not be able to mix and match armor), barely any meaningfull challenges, no career leveling system aside from the battle pass, the battlepass itself having stale progression and match to match rewards being almost non existent.

These are all basic things people expect out of f2p style experiences and 343 has not delivered. They want 10 to 20 USD for single purchases on the cash shop after not delivering hardly anymore than what h5’s barebones launch gave us… I really hope they have a plan. Dec 8 is almost here and I do not want to see a repeat of h4 where people come in over hyped then leave quickly and never return.


A actual Career rank is coming other then a battle pass. They want to do it right and it will take time why it’s not ready now is beyond me but in time like Halo 5 it will be a comprehensive experience.

I wonder if they’re gonna go with the Spartan Rank system again or something like the Reach rank system.

What blows my mind is that there are a thousand GREAT examples of progression systems – excluding their own game with MCC of course – such as Battlefield 2042, every Call of Duty pretty much ever, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, etc… Why did tey decide to do it like this? Who thought, “Let’s make somebody play 10 games to get 3 kills with an ultra rare weapon to progress 200 xp” was good system?

They nail the game. Nail it. Then blow it on something so simple. It boggles the mind.


The weekly challanges gets from easy to impossible… The amount of points you get for weekly challanges is ok but I’m not ok running week after week behind challanges while ignoring the main objective of the multiplayer map itselfe.

I hate is to see player camp weapon spawns instead running for the flag or capture energy coils etc.

It will be DOA pretty fast and there are already some quitting halo multiplayer because of this.

Not only is the battlepass challenge system the worst on the market, who on earth decided to launch this game without an account rank that you level up along side the battlepass. This is multiplayer gaming 101, progression matters, showing off your skill or time invested matters. Jesus, you have a top notch multiplayer and fumble at the 3 yard line.

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