The progression system will kill the game before it even launches

If they don’t figure something out by December 8th then this game is probably DOA. It feels horrible to see your “level” not move at all, game after game.

People are running around not actually paying the game to try and get splatter kills with the Chopper, or Shade turret kills. I know that this is a “beta” but the gaming audience at large will not stand for this kind of thing.

The solution is very simple. Per match exp gains with “weekly” challenges that actually take a week and not 5 minutes. MCC does this perfectly already. They could absolutely just rip those challenges from the game exactly as they are now and it would be a 10x better setup. Getting 5 kills with one of the starting weapons is not a weekly challenge. This system stinks.


I’ve already quit playing because progress is so un-rewarding currently, especially after I paid extra for a battlepass on top of the campaign. I would like your post if I wasn’t out of likes for the day.


If they fix progression the game will be really good I’ve had fun playing but the progression does need to be fixed


DOA is an overstatement. This battle pass isn’t made to be unlocked overnight. But I do find progressing a little slow (especially with no XP boosts).

I think MCC did it better, but this isn’t the worst


Yeah, I love everything about the game except for the progression system.

Can we get at least some xp based on our match performance? And even a match win bonus, that would encourage people to work together and play properly.

The current system encourages people to disregard objectives just so they can get kills with certain weapons. I just played a game of oddball where I was the only one on my team actually playing the objective, that’s not halo.


I’m right there with you. I played today for 5-6 hours and I’m just barely level 4. I got literally nothing cool in the pass and there’s nothing that I want until, like, level 40 or something. 50 hours seems like a long time to grind for that.


I hate to be such a downer after being so excited for Infinite. The presentation is good, the soundtrack is cool, and I enjoy the gameplay for the most part. But this progression system is really stalling my enjoyment because I have to play a certain way or just make no progress (and what progress you do make is so slow).


I totally agree. They need to improve the challenges and actually make challenges enjoyable.


Same! Me and a couple is friends were all the same way. We eventually just said, “this game is fun but does this progression system suck?” And everyone agreed. I think it’s important to be honest with yourself. I know that if they don’t make any changes then I simply won’t buy another battle pass. Why would I do this to myself again lol?


It seems like this system is universally hated… so hopefully some noticeable changes will be made


agreed, this game is going to suffer heavily at launch with this progression system

For instance I have two challenges right now
Play a round of oddball
Kill3 spartans in slayer

simple enought right?
20 games in and I haven’t had a single round of either


I think we all just want to customize our Spartan right away, but it’s gonna take some of us a year, lmao. This is a problem in most free-to-play games too.

And, for a small fee of $20, you can unlock a single set of armor permutations! double lmao


That man should never be allowed near video game design after this display of poor judgment


The current amount of XP is too much… It should be less for the first 20-30 levels and then slightly increase, but not 1000XP to reach level 1.


I like the consistency between levels, at least in comparison to H5 where the last 2 levels took just as long as the the first 150.
I agree that the weekly challenges could use some work. Something that actually encourages you to play more than a single evening.


I get where y’all coming from but it is sad state of affairs that progression is so darn important to folks these days. Call me an old man (which is fair, I’m ancient) but having fun with the actual game is far more important to me than getting some fancy pants for my spartan. Getting new cosmetics is cool and all but I’m far more interested in the actual game part of my game.

Yeah, the progression system needs a serious rework but it would be sad if there’s an actual population drop just because of that.


The main thing to note here is that while some people, like yourself, ignore it completely that doesn’t change the fact that some people do care about it and as a result will go out of their way to do whatever is necessary to progress in the battle pass which means they will run around the entire match ignoring the objective while trying to get a kill with the mangler. Those kinds of people will negatively impact your matches and is a perfectly valid reason for someone to quit. Many games have died completely for far less.


Fair enough and I get it completely. Modern Warfare came out over 14 years ago (jeeez), so I understand that for a long time now people have been conditioned to expect “carrot-on-a-stick” progression systems in their games.

And yeah you are correct that having challenge only progression can impact gameplay if people are more interested in getting that bar moving rather than enjoying their matches. Thankfully, being F2P, I doubt the population will drop that significantly before 343 can get some extra xp sources in…

…which will then create a whole new set of issues, as people will start leveling up far to quickly and to that 100 rank long before Season 2 is even close.


100% agreed. I feel bad that I bought the BattlePass thinking it was going to be better than the flight and I feel robbed. It’s a huge problem when a game is CTF and people are fighting over the sword to get the challenge completed. Or that people are opnly using plasma pistols because of the XP, this really takes away from the game and objective of the any game type.
343 needs to implement a Reach like XP system. I played nearly 6 hours today and went up 2 levels.

I feel so cheated and want my $10 back from the BattlePass.


Damn. About half my games were oddball tonight lol