The progression system we are now legally allowed to leave mid-game

Since you get only rewarded for challenges and most of theme will give you only 1 chance in match for example kill 1 chopper well since that thing only spawns once (I know its spawns multiple times good luck finding match that will allow you that second chance) and even then you propably dont have rocket launcher or better yet someone is also doing that challenge so now you have competition you get one chance whats that? Someone blew it? Well guess what it doesnt matter if you stay because you get two thing but neither is XP.
But what about winning that match dont you want to that? Yes but only if its on my challenge list and then if enemy is winning why should I stay its waste of time anyway
BUT Gibby pLaYiNg gAmEs iS aLsO wAsTe oF TiMe. Well yea but now I literally get nothing from it if I dont complete thoes challenges then why should I waste my time on you?
I could go on and on you get my point. Dont feel bad for leaving someone was paid for this abomination why should you suffer?

this is what we call a ‘DIS-incentive’ Infinite just isn’t worth playing at the moment

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