The progression system is toxic

The challenges are designed to frustrate you so you buy more double XP and challenge skips.


Yup, early ones are fine, later on you get things like “Kill a wraith” when I’ve been playing btb since launch and literally haven’t seen a wraith or scorpion spawn in let alone got the chance to kill one. I’ve seen one banshee, everything else is mid tier land vehicles.

As well as something about splattering people with the repulsor? How does that even work?

The season pass is also much longer & takes way more xp than it did in early access, although that’s kinda a given considering that was for testing. Still, their current system seems to inventivise you to play for easy challenges then stop altogether for a week because progression becomes arbitrarily slow after that, without paying, which is frustrating.

Doesn’t even have a levelled progression system or a rank or anything…


Anyway, I’m done playing this trash till they fix the progression system.


I thought all the armor that they put in the flights would be the “free/low-level” stuff you could get without a battle pass in the full game, but you don’t even get those.

You can’t even get a secondary or tertiary color for free, you just get like six basic primary colors…less options than Halo CE…


I had to get out of my way to write some form of feedback, this game could be fun if it weren’t for the progression, challenges so tedious that made me hate the game, and it would be ok if it wasn’t for the fact that that’s the only way possible to level up and get the goods, it doesn’t matter how good you do in the match, you’ll end up leveling like any other person with the 100xp mission of playing a match

Have you seen the armor colors that are premium? You can straight up make most of them in previous games. They don’t even capitalize on the potential of the coating system by applying new patterns, save for a few exceptions where they actually have a pattern.

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I had to get out of my way to give some form of feedback, never had the necessity to do so, but this progression is the worst I’ve seen. Challenges so tedious that makes me want to quit playing, progression so unfair that even if you get a killionare medal you will be rewarded the same as everybody with the 100 or 200xp for just playing a match. It will be a more enjoyable game if there was more than one way to level up in the battle pass other than challenges and spending money to progress.

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