The Progression system is NOT good

I’m sorry, I really hate to complain but I have to say this, this is by far the worst progression system I’ve seen for any game ever and I’m not exaggerating. It takes an absurd amount of time to level up by doing these challenges and the fact that I have to buy challenge swaps is ridiculous. Also didn’t notice this until someone mentioned it but with the free battle pass, you don’t earn things like for example your first helmet until like level 80. That shouldn’t be the case at all. 343 and Microsoft honestly might be kinda shooting themselves in the foot here because if this stays on for too long, a lot of the player base will probably dip.

It’s a shame because I really like this game. It has really fun gameplay, great maps, great modes, and the customization is amazing but unfortunately you can’t really level up and customize when you have this type of system. Not sure what they were thinking.


It’s awful, on the border of unacceptable. The challenge-based XP system worked alright in the flights, but in practice, it’s single-handedly the worst system I’ve ever been held hostage by. Even req packs weren’t this bad.


The fact that 343 has said “We are working on it and will have something post launch maybe” is -Yoink!-. It essentially means “Oh -Yoink!- our idea of banking all that streamer money has gone to shit!!! Quickly try to cover it with more lies”. This is by far the most predatory micro transaction ridden game since Battlefront 2 and it not having the basic progression system which has been in ever shooter since -Yoink!- the 90s is baffling.


It’s actually crazy. Played 5 hours today and only level 2. Ouch.

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Yep, there should be progression xp towards level ups for earning rewards (Battle Pass, Tenrai etc) awarded for each game completed, with maybe some extra xp for players on the winning team, and a significant portion of the xp should be awarded and weighted based on individual performance. utter nonsense that the tenrai event you can only earn xp toawrds it from specific challenges you just have to HOPE you’ll get in your challenge list. challenge xp should be a BONUS to work towards, NOT the ONLY thing that gives you any progression whatsoever. I finished all my tenrai event challenges in basically 1 day’s worth of playing, now there’s abolutely no reason for me to play the Tenrai fiesta playlist because YOU DON’T GET ANY XP FOR PLAYING IT. dumb progression system.
Also, would be nice to be able to mix and match armour like in halo 3, reach, 4 etc. but nah, each armour set has only specific armour pieces you can have on it. what if i want the Mark VI MJOLNIR chestpiece but with one of the samurai helmets? or vice versa? why give us LESS ways to customize? why take steps BACKWARDS!?!?!?!!