The progression system is good!

If it is supposed to ruin the game :+1:

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Don’t scare me like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack!


its sad… :frowning: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


I just wonder who came up with this great idea! It’s not like they had over 3 previous games they could gather feedback from… And if they really thought this would be so great, why the hell did they not test it…


To be perfectly honest, I kind of liked the second flight’s XP progression MORE than I do this one! At least in the flight I could actually get things!


They should just give us a per medal/a percentage of ingame score, as XP per game…, or maybe a fixed amount like 100 XP per match… Come on 343


Sp one of my weekly challenges is to kill 3 spartan players in a game of slayer…

sounds simple right?

I’ve played maybe 15 games, and so far haven’t gotten a single slayer match…


I went from level 1 in the battle pass to level 2 in around 5-6 hours…

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I am not one for completing challenges. I typically prefer to grind out my XP just by playing. The fact that you don’t get XP just for playing is astounding! Very disappointed in the progression system. Hope they change it soon.

I don’t believe this. I played for about 2 hours n got the pass n it still took forever. But what can u expected from a beta to take peoples money

The progression system detracts from what is really a great multiplayer experience. 343i was this close to knocking it out of the park and this battle pass nonsense and terrible progression system just killed it for me. I don’t care if the multiplayer is free, I want a progression that means something and not silly carnival type games. Let me have XP for kills, medals, wins and losses. I don’t want to go out if my way doing challenges that don’t apply because they don’t match up with the map and game type we’re playing.

I was going to buy the full game, but now there’s no point. I’ll just play it on gamepass, beat the campaign and maybe play the multiplayer down the road if 343i makes progression less like a cash grab and more like the way Halo has always been.

They said they will look into it, now we will see what that means, one can only hope

What is it that you do not believe my friend

You pretty much said, everything that needs to be said, good points

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Except Fortnite has a really good Battle Pass and Store so…