The progression and unlocks need to change/be worked on

Because of the current state of the progression in halo infinite as of 11/24/21 there is no real reason for a player to continue to play after completing their weekly challenges. This is because the grind to level up the battle pass will only being able to do the repeatable daily is far too slow. If the play did not do any weekly challenges it would take approximately 166 hours at an average match time of 5 minutes to unlock all teirs. The need for xp to be give for doing well in matches is need. It is not unreasonable because it is the standard in almost every other fps on the market in 2021. The challenges could be so much better is the players recieved a small amount of xp in relation to the match score or medals.

Furthermore, the sheer amount of customization items that are looked behind paywalls is egregious, i understand that this is a free to play game but locking 90% of cosmetics behind a pay wall makes unrewarding gameplay. Because when i look at a cool spartan i do not think wow the player put a lot of time in to get that, i think wow i wonder how much they paid for that. I hope the community is in agreement with me on this because halo infinite has some of the best gameplay ive played in a halo game i just fear these issues will kill it before it has a chance to flourish.