The problems with this game

It feels just like the last game except with slighty different abilities and different guns and going through the story was just going from A to B and killing anything and everything I saw along the way. It does have a better story than the last game but thats not what your here for you just want to kill things get better abilities and guns so that you can kill more things. The vehicles controls are bad you crash and clip into the scenery alot also the aircraft are the most annoying vehicles to fight as they appear when your getting swarmed and greanade spammed by infantry that take about a clip and a half of damage. You had better get used to picking off enemies from a distance beacause otherwise it starts to get stupid the amount of ammo and effort you have to put into one guy just to kill him. The enemies can and will spam grenades at you for days and if that fails they just send the suicide guys in or some big guy at the back of the crowd will just one shot you from a mile away. The multiplayer is bad with random people it always lags and all they do is take all the weapons and drive off with the vehicles so that im either forced to wait for another to spawn or start walking and die from somthing I did not stand a chance aganist. Finally those Cell shaded graphics are just there to hide how bad the game really looks im going to trade in borderlands 2 since it is just not made as a single player experience and my only friends that play are low levels or have traded it for halo 4.