~The Problems With Reach-United!~

For every body who thinks im against reach…
I love reach… it is fine, The only problem is
1. The game types
2. The loadouts (eg-> Infection zombies need sprint, not evade)
3. The maps in some game types (eg-> infection on pinicale)

Before you accuse me of hating on reach your wrong. I love reach, it just needs some adjustments in the game settings. Ok so here is my idea, If we Get this thread into a “Top Forum Topic” hopefully bungie or 343 Will see this and make appropriate changes(Bungie still sorts out play lists and game types). Below this intro you Will see a list of game types/maps/"AA’s that could be changed in little ways to make them better and more enjoyable for all players. I have already started a few examples.

Please commit realistic ideas, nothing that requires adding/deleting data or changing the power of weapons For instance “nerf nades!” “get rid of bloom!” “banshee bomb is overpowered!” etc… Just give them and I Will update weekly or whenever I happen to be on.

If you disagree with any current ideas, give a valid argument or inbox me, and we could reason changes.

If you can’t think of any ideas, please give a little sneaky bump so bungie/343 can see :slight_smile:

I Will read all posts, don’t be shy to comment your ideas (even if you think people Will disagree on it, at the end of the day you made a commitment) I Will update this thread with your ideas. We want bungie to change reach… lets tell them what we want. :slight_smile:

Game type…What to change / description

This is very broken, the maps are wrong, the load-outs are wrong. The only thing I can think of is, changing the zombie AA to sprint, and add in community infection maps, the base maps just don’t cut infection game play (too many glitches ie sword base). This would help the community grow and show that bungie cares for it.

Team games(slayer,obj):
No starting DMR! Have it pick up only,(Dmr start in slayer pro, Swat, BTB and MLG games. It is explained in the weapon section below). Add symmetrical community maps(pinnacle, cage etc need to be taken out, they are one sided and are suited to FFA only)

Invasion :
More options of places to spawn, too many zones for spawn trapping.

Fire fight:
? Add the original ODST fire fight, with unlimited time and waves,new play list? Add fire fight V’s, 4V4 like on the beta!!! To stop “Afkers” add a small kill zone in the spawn points :stuck_out_tongue: there goes your KD.

? Ideas???

? Ideas???

Map name Changes?

Please… Just take it out of team games! If you do want it in Team. change the friggin spawns.

Cage: (removed from list to improve)

Sword base:
people complain about the little room thing… I have no idea.

More maps???


one starting nade, there is too much grenade spamming on reach. If it continues with one starting. make it pickup only.

Banshee bomb :
the only thing i can think of is a new version added into a new forge-world with a standard fuel rod/no cannon. At the end of the day i know for myself. 36 kills in one game using the banshee:/

DMR bloom:
Im takeing a lot of flack from this…
Make it pick up only in most game types. you will respect it more when every one else has an assault rifle. Keep as a starting weapon in swat, pro, BTB and Mlg! I was a fan (still am) of halo Ce multipalyer and i think the assault rifle is an iconic weapon that needs a come back and a bit more love.

AA’s… This is the big one… How many threads of “-blam!- armor lock”-“It needs nerfing” have you seen? My simple solution is to stop all AA’s from the load-outs and have sprint and/or evade as the only starting AA’s.
“BUT I WANT JET PACK!” this would allow maps to be changed ie- placing jet packs, drop shields, active camo and holograms as pick ups (like in MLG) this would add more exiting game play as you also have to fight for the AA’s ( i have built maps and have incorporated this, they work very well.) The whole idea of this is to minimise armor lock or other AA’s from being over used but still allowing every body the chance to use them. (armor lock pick up in the middle of the map?)

Please take team killing of. if you disagree. lets go into a custom game and i will team kill you over, and over ,and over again… its not fun. The only time i think it could be in a game would be in “hardcore” games like mlg, swat and pro :slight_smile:

Please comment on any game modes, maps, AA ideas or what ever. This thread needs to cover EVERYTHING.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Copy pasta from a post I just made on forgehub:

AR starts on 4v4 Hemmorhage need to go. Completely.
I’m not going on an anti-AR start rant, but decisions should be made contextually, in exactly the same way that BTB is DMR starts across the board. Being given two guns off spawn that are close to useless as possible (ok, so if I were given a shotty, sword or hammer of spawn the it’d be worse, but aside from that…) on the map with the longest lines of sight in the entire MM experience (and, more importantly, next to NO short lines of sight aside from bases and caves) is a ridiculous decision. Thing is, I get a lot of slack for criticising the AR, but I actually love it, it was great in CE. The SMG in H2 just wasn’t the same, and the H3 AR was a joke of an ambush weapon which saw all the better sides taken away in favour of a cheap burst and smash tactic. The Reach AR really recaptures the magic of its CE cousin, but use of it needs to be considered based on context. Spawning with an AR on Hemm feels like starting a new game of fallout with a crappy gun, only I can’t look forward to levelling up and getting better ones because this isn’t a damn RPG. Throw enough DMRs around to make up for this fail starting weapon and you might as well just give DMR starts.

Good points on the AR, however I cant give in to DMR starting, it renders the AR as an unused weapon. where as if you start with an AR all weapons will be used in a map and it gives that classic gameplay feel. if you don’t like the AR there is always the starting magnum witch has almost the same qualities (just less range) I think starting AR also makes players try to find better weapons even the DMR and only clever players will do this (wich is kind of a skill i supose)
Obv there should be DMR start in MLG, SWAT, BTB and slayer pro.

I can’t give a valid point, I entered into a paradox the moment I entered into the paradox.