The problems I have with Halo Wars

Now like a lot of people on here, I LOVE Halo, but there is one game I just don’t love and that is Halo Wars, I don’t hate it, but I just don’t play it. The main reason I don’t play Halo Wars is that it is a Real-Time Strategy game, I don’t like this genre due to it’s overtly tactical, slow gameplay and doesn’t give me the enjoyment factor that a typical Halo game gives me and I pent half my time just wishing that I was playing the same scenario First-Person, as I like it. The other issue I have with Halo Wars is that they unnecessarily added vehicles that will most likely never appear in main series Halo titles ever again this leads me to wanting more in terms of these vehicles which leads me give a praise of hope every time a new Halo appears.

Recently there has been talk of a Halo Wars 2 and while I will get the game it definitely will not be played for long and will most likely revert to playing the most recent FPS Halo game at that time, as I mentioned before I don’t get the enjoyment factor out of Real-Time Strategy games.

I hope you understand my views :slight_smile:

Agreed OP.

I agree. I really only found Halo Wars enjoyable when my friend and I were playing it. I did like the vehicles though and it would be neat I feel to see them appear in a normal FPS Halo. Oh well though.

The cutscenes in the game are great but I am so not digging the gameplay. I was never into real-time strategy.

If I want to play strategy games I play Pokemon.