The Problem

I mostly read forums cause when I’m trying to write something I’m usually pissed off at that exact moment, so my posts aren’t very constructive. This time I’d like to point one thing.

Been reading and noticed people/groups on the Waypoint forums - people/groups with problems. These people/groups are screaming out loud hoping they will be heard, that someone will listen to them, do something to make their time spend with Halo(mostly Halo4) fun, not so frustrating as it is right now, help solve various problems. Well, none of that is happening.

To me the fact that Halo 4 isn’t Halo 2 on steroids isn’t the real problem, but the fact that no one is listning to me, you, them, and them. Players that spent their money, wasted (could use term “time well wasted” but that’s reserved for previous installment in the series) their time to write something on forums, to let YOU KNOW 343 that something is wrong.

But dear 343, you’re deaf, heartless, ignorant. Someone wrote that already - Halo community is very vocal when it comes to adressing their preferences, needs and all, but where are people that should listen and connect us with the rest of dev team? That I don’t know and actually don’t really want to know.

Tired of tweeting, reading, hoping. Not only me, but many others that are starting to give up(current MM population).

I wish all of you, Halo fans, your nerves, frustrations be soothed.

D3S71NY 4W41T5

They know how alot of us feel about Halo 4. Im sure in the short future they will make changes to improve the game. The Forge playlist is a blast for example

Nevermind, I don’t want to discuss about it anymore.

I haven’t played Halo 4 in weeks. It hurts me to say this as a Halo fan, but It’s simply awful.
I NEVER thought I’d say this, but it is far worse than Halo: Reach. sigh