The Problem With The Noble Team Kits in Infinite

So in Infinite the Noble team kits are kind of lackluster in my opinion I mean they don’t really stand out, these are my reasons to why that is:

  • Emile’s security shoulder with his kukri should be a darker red not a bright one
  • The lines on noble team Ex:
    *The red one on the Kukri sheath
    *The white designs that covered certain armor pieces
  • Maybe you could bring in the original voice actors for the kits
  • Jorge’s shoulder isn’t textured and his bracer is supposed to be Sage not grey { I think sage is his color? }
  • On the Kat kit the Prosthetic arm should be the original one not the new one
  • Where are there shoulders at, The Commando, Security with Kukri and Grenadier aren’t in the game and we can’t use em without the kits???
  • The kits should be customizable
    I say this because the kits are supposed to be Noble team there supposed to be different but they aren’t, you could literally just make them and it will be the same minus the missing shoulder pieces. Noble team kits in Infinite are supposed to be THEM there voice, armor etc not something new or else what’s the point of even having their kit.