The problem with secondary weapons

In Halo 2, the some weapons were nerfed to counteract duel-wielding being overpowered. Some of these, namely the Plasma Pistol and Magnum, are pretty much useless without duel-wielding. (Obviously, the Plasma Pistol is useful against vehicles, but I’m only taking pedestrian combat into account.)

I suggest making the Magnum a 5 or 4sk scopeless weapon, 6 shots per mag. BR/DMR still has the upper hand in a battle, especially at long to mid-range, but you can still defend yourself adequately at close-range.

The Plasma Pistol would be the same against vehicles, but would have much less magnetism towards pedestrian targets, be near-hitscan when charged, have a quicker charge time and would have a slower but headshot-capable uncharged shot. No more lazy Plasma Pistol spammers.

Both would have the same switching time as Dexterity offers.

Even if these are bad ideas, these weapons finally need to be adapted for a single-wield game.

How about we remove the Boltshot and Plasma Pistol from the secondary weapon list, and then add weapons like the SMG, Plasma Rifle, and the Spiker to the secondary weapon list.

While people may about to go “OH MY GARD, THAT AREZ WAY OVERPOWEREDZZZ”, we have to remember that if Dual-Wielding returns in Halo 5, we can expect these weapons to be much weaker by themselves - making them eligible to be carried as sidearms.

Or we go back to reach style loadouts.
And make the magnum and plasma pistol like in reach.

Balanced and useful.

The Magnum has suffered enough. It’s viable for once (as of Halo 4). To nerf it’s clip size any further would make it absolutely useless and I’d toss it aside when playing Campaign (like I did in Halo 2 and Halo 3).

Unless they make a Campaign-exclusive Magnum variant with 12 clip size, I’d not like to see it nerfed.

I would like the Magnum Carbine to make at least one appearance in a Halo game. We had an entire game with the Army, and not a single carbine to be seen.

Larger magazine, lower ROF, same damage, longer range