The Problem with Overly Specific Challenges

One of my challenges this week is called “Zoom Boom”.

Verbatim it says: Headshot Enemy Spartans while looking down the scope of a Sniper Rifle in PvP.

On paper this sounds perfectly fine. And it is. Basically it’s asking me to use the sniper exactly as it was intended. And that’s the problem… partially.

This challenge has 4 conditions I must meet for my actions to count:

  1. I MUST use a Sniper Rifle.
    No Skewer, no Shock Rifle, no Stalker Rifle. Even though these three guns are arguably harder to use. Also this limits the maps that this can be achieved on, encouraging quitting.

  2. It has to be a headshot.
    This isn’t really a problem, it just makes the challenge harder beyond, get a kill with the sniper.

  3. WHILE SCOPED IN. This is the big one. Why, on God’s green Halo, do I have to be limited to using the scope? A headshot is a headshot. What if I hit a cross map no scope? Isn’t that MORE skillful? Did you just get a 360 No Scope Headshot? Too bad, doesn’t count. Now be a good little camper and sit in the back of map, perched on a rock like vulture. Also this limits what types of fights I can engage in since getting too close will result in a de-scope.

  4. In PvP. Not a problem.

343 I am begging you to just let players handle getting kills in their own way. If they want to snipe with the shock Rifle, let them. If they want to get no scopes, let them. Challenges like this really stifle the creativity and flexibility of the players and the sandbox.

Edit: And I wouldn’t even be making this post if Team Snipers was in the game…


I agree with what you said, I think overly specific challenges are annoying as is, I think 343i needs to implement a challenge system like with MCC, I honestly think MCC did a really good job with it.

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MCC’s system is amazing and it ASTOUNDS me how scuffed Infinite’s is when the template is Right. There.

It’s especially annoying when you have one or two challenges left but you can’t get into a game where the challenge is even possible to complete. For example, the fusion coil challenge is only completable on one BTB map and one 4v4 map, if you don’t get those maps the game is worthless.

True, but that’s more of 343 failing to put coils on more maps. It’s one of the selling points of this game and players can hardly use them outside of campaign.