The Problem with Halo Infinite's Store and Battlepass, and How it Could be Fixed

So, I, like some many other Halo fans were happy to get our hands on Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer early, just to feel like we were punched in the gut with how slow Battlepass levelling is, and how much items in the store cost.

TL;DR: Progression is slow and the store is restrictive; add in-game EXP gains and a secondary free currency to purchase some store items.

I am going to start off by saying this is just a criticism of the Battlepass and Store features; my feelings for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer are some of the best I’ve ever felt for the franchise. Just because this post is not going to mention gameplay, does not mean I think the whole game is bad.

Levelling in the Battlepass is tremendously slow. I played for over three hours last night, and even with focusing on objectives as much as I could, I only got halfway to rank 2. At my optimal speed and play, it’s going to take about 200 hours just to complete this battlepass. Yikes. Having challenges be the only avenue to earn XP right now feels really bad, and really slow. There is no point for me to play an objective if I’m too busy trying to acquire a mangler fora kill, just to make a match worthwhile.

Store prices are also pretty absurd. Keeping in mind this multiplayer IS free to play, a ten dollar battlepass is an extremely fair price, especially for what it offers.
There is no reason why a helmet and one attachment for it should also cost that much, and be the only way to earn that helmet. It has put me and a lot of players in between a rock and a hardplace, because even if we want an armor set from the store, the cost may be too high to justify buying,

So, how could these systems be changed?

For the battlepass, having matches reward experience upon completion, victory and playing the objective would help a lot to make my time feel valued, and give me valid reason to play as best as I can. I also know this is something 343i have said they are looking into in the past, and that Ske7ch acknowledged a few hours ago as of writing this. I hope 343 sees match EXP as a good avenue to value player time and give reason to play the objectives of matches you are in.

For the storefront, I would like to see an alternate, in-game only currency.
I understand and even think some items should stay premium. The Battlepass, ESports team armor kits and any charity or showcase items of any similar caliber should be bought with Credits, both to keep funds for Multiplayer alive, and to give those ESports teams or charities the money they deserve from people buying their stuff.
However, a secondary currency (Let’s call them Armor parts, or AP) could be introduced into the game as a reward from challenges and matches. You could tie it to how much EXP you’ve earned, say, 1 AP for every 10 exp. This currency would allow you to purchase some storefront items for spending time in-game. For instance, A helmet that costs 1000 Credits could alternatively be bought for 2000 AP if someone chose. I feel like this would both reward players for playing the game with an extra incentive, and still allow for monetization of those items for special customization options, and for those who may want something right away.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, and please spread the word so more people at 343i have a chance to see this.

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