The Problem With Commendations

If I try to complete certain commendations, especially the weapon mastery ones, my K/D will drop severely. Try the plasma pistol for example: For every 5 deaths I’ll maybe get 1 kill when using it.

On another note, is there anyone that has gotten 100% commendations completed?

  1. There will be a lot more people with high K/D than with Weapon Mastery.

  2. The only K/D that really matters is your K/D for the current match you are playing.

Wait, guys I have an idea, if you’re worried about your k/d don’t go for commendations.

…problem solved. You’re welcome.

Unless you want to play Dolly with your spartan armor the weapons mastery isn’t important. Nor is the K/D ratio for that matter.
Mine is awful due to the fact that my whole family plays (wife and kids) and I do enjoy learning from MY mistakes.
Also I don’t go for power weapons except for those I may pick up after killing an enemy. Usually, I leave it… relocate and watch as the guy I was lucky enough to kill earlier quick spawns and comes back to collect it.

I do die a lot sometimes trying to get commendations, but it challenges me to focus more and plan my offense/defense better. If it gets really bad, I’ll just switch loadouts and give up on the weapon I’ve yet to master, temporarily.

I personally love the Commendations.
It makes the game so much more worthwhile.

I’m currently 91% in Player.
44% in Weapons.
40% in Vehicles.
39% in Gametypes.
But I’m only 7% in Enemies.
I’m gonna celebrate once I fully master all Commendations.

I’m not sure which Commendation will be the last one I master.
Probably Flag Victory, I don’t know why, but I hate CTF.
I have no fun and it makes me angry to play it.

i like the commendations and my k/d is doing just fine. ive got:

38% weapons
60% enemies
80% vehicles
95% player
36% game types

and my k/d is over 1.4