The problem of balance remains relevant

What if someone has a different opinion than yours? Is that allowed in here?

Usually when people talk about balance they’re talking about the balance of the weapons damage output and player resistance. That might be why the bot keyed that part out, because yes, if I were a dev constantly getting remarks about how x weapon ought to outperform y, when that’s not the intended behavior, I too would have a bot take care of it for me.

Now your complaints about the SBMM or skill based matchmaking seemed to have been warranted for a while, but from what I understand it’s been addressed in a recent update.

Game balance - in games (sports, desktop, computer and others), the balance between characters, teams, game tactics and other game objects. Game balance is one of the requirements for the “fairness” of the rules. Balance is especially important for multiplayer games. In computer games, this is the balance between numbers that describe various characteristics in the game, such as damage (damage), object speed, unit construction time, and much more. (Wikipedia) I also rely on this definition when I write about balance. Answering with a template answer: it’s not us, it’s more about you (it means that you just don’t know how to play) is not the best solution when a lot of things in the game don’t work. When was this update? What’s been fixed? Out of sync? Did you fix your broken SBmm? I have not heard such news.

With respect you’ve got a fair amount of time played in the game, a KD about 1 and you win slightly more than you have played…but you’re lacking some experience.

You’ve spent a lot of time in team bots PVE, which you did really well in, but not much hard ranked or social experience,

Would you like some advice on how to improve?

Thank you for your willingness to help, but I uninstalled Halo infinite. 1.5 months ago. I feel great, I do not plan to install at all. I went to the forum to see if something has changed or not. As it turns out, nothing has changed. There is no balance, no synchronization, crashes, an incomprehensible progression remains, there will not be an update for a very long time. For me the game is dead. 343 she was killed and will not be resurrected, I am 100% sure of this.

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