The problem/fix with bloom in halo

Infinite does a better job with bloom. It still does not quite reward skill in a 100% fair way though but thats fine as long as its not a starting weapon. bloom vs bloom fights over and over would not be good. The one weapon that designs bloom fairly, is the assault riflle. The AR fires so many bullets that the rng of it is not really an issue. ive never heard a complaint about the AR bloom

I am writing this thread because i’m already seeing an issue with the bandit rifle and i dont think it is a capable starting weapon if that is what 343 plan to do with it. i think the bandit rifle would work better if it divides 1 shot damage into a 3 round burst to try and negate the rng similar to the AR when it goes full bloom. If its not going to be a starting weapon, then just keep it the way it is.

edit- even a 2 round burst per shot might negate rng and make for better gunpplay.


you know, i wish people would stop saying bloom in X game is bad and say “bullet spread” instead as that’s what it is and those unaware would know what people are talking about when they start saying “bloom in halo is bad” which is also a visual effect in video games with the same name.

just to avoid confusion. not sure who originally came up with calling it bloom. i guess because the bullet impacts spread out like a flowers bloom on the target the bigger the bullet spread is.

please trying saying “bullet spread” as that is easy to understand.


youre right. But i was speaking in terms the community understands. Most dont realise the AR also has “bloom”.

So yes, bullet spread aka bloom is only bad design when you start adding it to slow firing weapons because thats when it starts to feel random and unfair.

Why it’s essential to aim for the chest and then finish off the Spartan with a headshot. The chest piece is a bigger target to hit. The bandit rifle will have a great place in this game and will of course change the sandbox of weapons because it’s a new weapon being introduced.

the problem is even if you do that, you will lose sometimes against people who aim at your head only as they pray to the rng gods.

edit- actually the main problem would be people who seem like theyre missing the chest but the rng is being generous and vice versa.

A 3 round burst per shot would be a lot more fair when spread comes into play.

if anything, the Battle rifle could be the single shot weapon as its 3 bursts doesn’t make that much difference to its functionality. it adds a little extra skill but not entirely important for balance.

You haven’t even played/used the Bandit, the leaks of it online probably aren’t even its final build, its months till it gets added, there was even files found showing different attachments/configurations like scopes & silencer.
Your suggesting balance changes to a weapon you haven’t even played with plus changes to an iconic weapon (BR) which is one off the best balance weapons in the game, that’s asinine.
It’s like wanting to reinvent the wheel cos you don’t like the look of another wheel.

i am not suggesting changes to the br. I merely pointed out that the bandit rifle would have more benefits from a 3 burst shot mechanic than a br which could work without a 3 burst shot and still function well. i explained my reasons why and youre right, its not the final version which is why early feedback is good.

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The only bullet spread I’m continually perplexed by is the spread present on the S7 Sniper.

For such a precise piece of equipment, it has a really hard time shooting in a straight line without a scope…


Bungie called it bloom. Thought y’all loved everything Bungie did?

Anyway bloom is bad and should be removed and replaced with recoil.

Recoil isn’t much better as in Halo, where you’re optimally aiming for the chest before aiming for the head on precision weapons, the vertical recoil actually makes it easier to get optimal kills. You can get 4 shot BR kills aiming entirely at the chest because of this. It removes the need to actually adjust your aim.

The solution is slower projectiles. It limits range because players now have to lead shots, adding a skill gap that is currently entirely missing from precision weapons outside of the Stalker Rifle and Sidekick in BTB. It’s not random, it emphasizes skilled shooting, and mindless spraying doesn’t have the off-chance of hitting a target that otherwise would have missed like with bloom.

Also, the weapons all operate with projectiles already, they just have extremely high velocity, saying “network issues” isn’t a very good defense.

Actually thought it was a call of a fix for the awful Camera bloom in halo and I was so ready to give a fix.

when the F did we start calling bullet patterns/spread bloom :rofl: I was so confused.

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wow it’s almost like you should be rewarded for skill

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should be rewarded for mostly skill. A little bit of luck is ok but Im looking at the bandit rifle and if 2 people hold down the trigger and spray each other it will rely on 50% luck because of the slow rate of bullets being fired.

I prefer bloom to recoil.

I like that skilled players are rewarded over time for pacing their shots.

And I would like to see different rates of bloom depending on the weapon, the distance, and if you are moving.

Sure, you may come up against a trigger spammer having a lucky day… but overall you come out on top.

But I’m probably the only one.


Bloom alone is one reason I can’t take anyone seriously talking about “bbbb but the core gameplay is good”

Bloom on precision weapons was trash in Reach and its trash now. Everything bloom does can be accomplished without rng via a combination of slower projectiles, slower rate of fire and lower aim assist and magnetism, there is no real need for recoil either. Bloom doesn’t “reward” pacing shots it rewards the lucky and hamstrings the higher skilled player with rng accuracy penalties.


it can be done right and still feel largely skillful but also its ok to have some weapons that lean on the side of luck, not every weapon has to play the same. I dont think the bandit rifle wants to be a luck based weapon though. Doesnt counterstrike have precision weapons with spread “bloom” and still considered skillful?

uh. maybe i’m confused. but what’s the difference between bloom and recoil?

recoil shakes your aiming when you shoot. Bloom/spread essentially shakes your bullets inside the reticule when you shoot

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So the difference is that recoil points your rifle at where the next round is going.

Gotta say, i like the idea of recoil a bit more. makes it easier to know if you’ll be hitting something, seems like.

In this game a three shot burst to the head does the exact same as three shot burst to the head. The final kill shot is what’s important. 343i has confirmed this new weapon process/strategy. Because of this aiming for the chest (bigger target than the head) is more effective and efficient when shooting.