The price of credits

I’m in two minds about getting the Season 2 battle pass, as they’re throwing in free credits to unlock. But having checked the prices of buying credits, it’s just as bizarre as back on Halo 5.

Generally, the more you buy of something, you get a proportionately increased discount, even if the absolute value is small.

At the moment, buying two lots of 500 credits is (marginally) cheaper than buying 1000 credits outright…

I remember back on Halo 5, they advertised a massive (and expensive) bundle, but it would’ve been cheaper to buy the lower tiers multiple times instead…

They should have retroactively given 1000 credits to all those who bought S1 pass and completed it. I don’t want to buy another pass at this stage, I feel like I’ve spent far too much already.

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Originally I wasn’t gonna buy season 2, but end of the day I get enough credits from it to get season 3 and so on, but yeah like rilakkumakitten said, they should of retroactively given credits to people who bought season 1.

I don’t buy from store, even if I could afford it I’m really not bothered, I like my spartan to look like a spartan, don’t need anything fancy.

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Yeah, that’s my thinking too, getting the 1000 credits back shouldn’t be an issue. Surely they won’t increase the cost of the next battle pass… think of the backlash!

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