The preset coating system should not be accepted, with I want to explain why with the scale of large numbers

Yes, most of us are against the coatings blatant monetization and restrictions (like being locked to one core, other cores sold separately). But I hear a lot of “Coatings would be okay if they were universal.” This is still wrong, and I am going to compare the scale of large numbers to make sense of it.

First, there’s total possible permutations. There’s also UI/UX, and most importantly player choice. Even if cores were universal, most people will be left unsatisfied. Typically Halo has had a 30 color option system and I am going to use this number going forward for consistent maths.

Halo Reach and other halo games have had a 2-channel coating system, with 30 colors that grants 900 possible color combinations.

Halo 3 had a 3-channel coating system (the accent color being the third) for a total of 27,000 color combinations.

Halo: Infinite boasts a staggering 7-channel system, 6 being color and 1 being a material/pattern. Things like camo/glossyness of the armor, essentially the overall texture. Assuming there are 30 of these for simple math, this will grant a total of 21.8 BILLION total coating combinations.

Now, Halo infinite doesn’t use the same “30 colors” standard past Halo games have, and there’s no reason to assume so. They could do much more, it could be on an RGB color slider which would be a 16.8 million color system. If we removed patterns from the coating and calculated this as a 6-channel color system, the total combinations wouldn’t even be worth writing, its just scientific notation.

With a modular coating that you could customize, you could have billions of color crafting options available to you. In the current build of Infinite, browsing the armors you will see 25 coatings for the MKVII, 18 for Mk5(b) and only 10 for Yoroi. Most of these overlap with each other, being the same coating as each core, or being very similar as other coatings. excluding things that don’t appear like HCS kits and promotional coatings.

If 343 were to release 100 new coatings every single day… it would take 597,260 YEARS before they had as many coatings as possible with a 30 base color system like previous Halo titles. But imagine in a year or two, when there are a few hundred coatings. Imagine scrolling through 300 coatings to find ones you want with this current UI. It will be a disaster.

Now, the artists and engineers have made a very good coating system here. Its modular, its clean, and allows for unprecedented customization beyond any Halo game before it. Then it got locked up and stripped away to be abused.

Supporting the coating system is a slap in the face to Halo players who will never be satisfied with the system as it stands now, and it should be seen as an insult to the developers who have built a really solid coating system, who will never get to see players taking full advantage of it. The suits and execs that force these financial schemes onto the art that 343 has created is painful. The devs have worked hard on it and both them and ourselves deserve better.

I feel its only right that we push to have the system change fundamentally. There are many ways to monetize, I’m not saying they can’t have f2p monetization methods, but this ain’t it chief. I would happily buy the Reach pass, but its both missing armor of the Reach spartan I once made, and the color scheme I quite dearly would use, so what’s the point? I can’t even recreate my own Reach spartan. Protest this system for the better of the entire game.