The Precursors will have some significance in the story

Come on, lets be honest, with the Precursors will have at least some significance with the story of Halo 4. With their role being hinted at in Cryptum and Primordium, which are hinting towards Halo 4. There’s no way that 343 will just abruptly end their story without closure. Whether or not they are the evil is yet to be revealed.

i believe there was a magazine that revealed that John’s new foe will be “The creater of the rings” if this is all of the forerunners or just the Master Builder, i dont know. however i think the Precursers will play some role in Halo 4. I think they will replace the forerunners, so to speak, with battles taking place near Precurser artifacts opposed to Forerunner. and Precurser technology being discovered