The Power to Veto

Players should be allowed to have options to choose their map or game type during matchmaking games, something similar to halo 3 when players were give the option to veto

Agree 100% yes, playing swat on pegasus(my worst map) is fun every now and then, because i can find where people like to wedge themselves in their camping holes, but when i play it 5 or 6 times in a row in the same playlist… 343… please. or let us chose between two maps or something…

The matchmaking in Halo 5 really needs to have a one-time veto option (similar to Halo 3) added to it because the lobbies reset after every match so it’s impossible for players to properly cycle through the maps and/or gametypes rotation that a particular lobby follows. While I hope most understand that a one-time veto system won’t cure the potential for players to end-up in a gametype and map that they just previously played, it should nonetheless help lessen it.


I played for 6 hours last night in slayer and the rig and truth never appeared. Yes we need veto back.